12 Realms Is Getting A Huge Expansion, Funding On Kickstarter

By Ian

Fantasci’s 2013 winner for Best Thematic Game is getting a huge expansion.

The fantasy board game that brings together some of the most iconic characters from childhood fairy tales, 12 Realms Ancestors Legacy is currently funding on Kickstarter, has blown past its goals and is closing in on the last few remaining stretch goals.

12 Realms is a little like the offspring of Dungeons and Dragons and Kingdom Hearts, only with public domain characters. The public domain character list is fairly robust though, with Snow White, Sinbad and (Little) Red Riding Hood headlining the “good guy” side.

12 Realms was/is a co-operative board game with an impressive suite of customization options. Each game requires players to work together in order to prevent the invasion of the Dark Lords into various realms. If the Dark Lords’ forces take even one realm, the entire team will lose collectively. The number of realms, the number of Dark Lords and number of heroes is completely up to the player, giving significant control over the difficulty.

12 Realms won Fantasci’s Best Thematic Game in 2013 and was a finalist for best co-operative game and best family game, the Ancestors Legacy expansion pack brings new play types, new characters, new realms and new plots.

The first thing that needs to be said about MAGE’s latest effort is that they listened to criticism received about 12 Realms when working on this update. The miniatures included in Ancestors Legacy will come pre-assembled, without the need to glue them to their base. MAGE is also including more robust instruction manuals in order to help ease with the game’s admittedly complex learning curve.

Four new realms have been added as well as a few characters. What makes it worth buying, is the addition of plots. Plots are the plans of the dark lords and each of them significantly change each play type. For an example, one has a player working in secret for the Dark Lords. The other players have to figure out who, but guessing wrong has serious consequences.

The original 12 Realms is needed to play Ancestors Legacy. Fortunately, backer rewards with and without the original game are available.

MAGE originally was looking to raise $40,000 but have utterly crushed that, currently sitting at over $96,000. They have hit the majority of their stretch goals, including the addition of King Arthur and Merlin as playable characters.

Kickstarter rewards include getting the game with various levels of completeness. The miniatures will even come handpainted if you pay enough. Furthermore, with so many optional components being added to the game, MAGE is allowing backers to increase their pledge and get the add-ons of their choice.

Currently, there are only two more stretch goals to meet (although nothing prevents them from adding more) the $105,000 goal includes a new “Fairy Godmother” Plot while the $115,000 adds Pinocchio and Gepetto as playable characters.

MAGE has been around since 2003 and put out several fairly well received games before getting a big hit with 12 realms. Its Kickstarter will conclude on June 13th and hopes to hit its most distant stretch goal at $115,000.

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