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13 Up and Coming NFT Creators To Watch Out For

By Bea

NFTs pretty much blew up the online world this year. If you’re not yet familiar with the term, it stands for “Non-Fungible Tokens” which basically means they’re digital assets that represent real-world objects. From art, music, gaming, and videos, NFTs are selling like hotcakes (some for millions of dollars). With its sudden popularity as a new form of investment, many are asking if they are worth the money and the hype. If you think NFTs are for you, check out these awesome up-and-coming NFT creators to watch out for (and maybe invest in)!


Beeple (aka Mike Winkelmann) is the third most valuable living artist after selling his work, Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, for a whopping $69 million earlier this year. It is currently the most expensive NFT ever sold, bumping up his net worth to around $50 million. Beyond his digital creations, he now has merchandise with his works printed on them, bringing his works into the real world.

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones may not yet be in the league of Beeple, but he is definitely one of the major players in the NFT world today. Having his first works on canvas, the Scotland-based artist started incorporating tech into his art when he got into Bitcoin. Thus, dabbling into Augmented Reality and cryptocurrency. Some of his most notable works include The Bitcoin Angel and Genesis.

Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn’s creations are a mix of surreal and futuristic looks. He brings 3D imagery into his works, making them something different in the crypto art world. With collaborations with Paris Hilton, Jimmy Choo, Fenti, and even Smirnoff, Kathryn is one of the leading NFT artists in iconography and branding.


This teenage NFT artist, under the pseudonym FEWoCIOUS, has a lot of potential to be a bigger artist than he already is. He started making art at the age of 13 and went into NFT at age 17. With a pop, surrealist/dreamy style, the artist is taking the digital art space by storm. Check out his official site for some of his works.

Jose Delbo

Here’s an NFT artist that DC and Marvel fans will love. Jose Delbo is an 87-year old comics artist who is best known for his works on Wonder Woman and Transformers. The artist started selling NFTs last year, hoping they would replace the traditional paper-form collectibles. Now, the guy is making millions.


In spite of being anonymous, Pak has been in the digital art space for around two decades. With millions of followers on social media, including Elon Musk himself, the artist averages $9,345 per work. His highest-selling work is a 12-second video, Metarift, which sold for $900,072.


Bosslogic is an artist that has collaborated with some pretty big production studios. His fan art and comic-inspired works are frequently commissioned by Marvel and DC Comics. You may have even unknowingly seen some of his works. His highest-selling work is The Arrival which is a Genies Wearable used for the buyer’s Genie.

Greg Mike

As a teen, Greg Mike used the walls on the streets as his canvas, reinventing public spaces with his love for cartoons. This is probably why his digital works explode with vivid colors under the Surrealist Pop genre. Some of his signature works are Vintage Cartoons and Mad Cans Master Set (50 Cans).


SlimeSunday, whose real name is Mike Parisella, is one digital collage artist worth following because of his reputation for pushing boundaries. His works are described as erotic, bizarre, and progressive. Inspired by old, iconic paintings, SlimeSunday puts his own outrageous twist to them. Just check out the Mona Lisa-having-a-party photo above!


We can’t mention SlimeSunday without recognizing his long-time collaborator, 3LAU. Their collaboration is also known as SSX3LAU. Known in the real world as Justine Blau, this EDM artist/DJ has sold over 6,000 NFT works, averaging at $1,505 per piece. His highest-selling work is a SSX3LAU work called Gunky’s Uprising which sold for $1,333,333.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki has already made a name for himself in the real world, which is probably why he’s now creating NFTs. The iconic DJ started his NFT works with collaborations with artist Antoni Tudisco.

Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones’ style is almost straight out of a really cool post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk graphic novel. If his Instagram feed is any indication, his artworks are definitely special, bringing to life this new dream world. Moreover, his Crash+Burn series sold for $4.3 million.

Will Wright

Will Wright (not the actor) is the legendary video game designer of The Sims and SimCity who will release his first NFT-driven work, Proxi – a blockchain mobile game filled with NFTs. Players get to play and interact in a virtual world using in-game items. I guess, it’s sort of like The Sims but with NFTs involved.

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