14 Sweet Geeky Cakes That You Won't Want to Eat

This is pure torture for cake lovers, or anyone who has a sweet tooth for that matter. There is always some room in the tummy for a slice of cake, but with these geeky cakes, you won’t get any more torn between satisfying your craving or not committing sacrilege.

Here’s a roundup of 14 geeky cakes that will make you drool, both literally and figuratively. Whether you cave in and eat a slice, or keep the cake frozen forever, only you would know.

Batman vs. Sauron

Who would have ever thunk that Batman and Sauron would battle it out? If they did, however, this cake wouldn’t be to bad a depiction of the battle. Who would you put your money on?

This awesome cake is made by Heartache Cakes.


Also made by Heartache Cakes, this Groot cake is too cute to even touch. Wouldn’t you feel like a heartless bastard person if you put a knife in this cake?

Serenity 1

God, grant me Serenity. That’s all we Firefly fans ever really want, isn’t it? And if this cake is the nearest thing we can get to our dream, then I’ll freeze it forever.

Thanks to Cake Wrecks for this discovery.

Serenity 2

I can’t hide my obsession with Firefly, so might as well add another Serenity cake. This one’s made by Cake Lava and looks too good to eat as well.

Doctor Who

If you’re getting hitched, and you’re a Whovian, there is no other wedding cake you will want. Then again, who cares whether you’re getting hitched or not? You don’t need any excuse to have this cake on your table. You know what would even be sweeter? The nth (depending on your favorite) Doctor and you as cake toppers!

Cake discovery via pixgood.

Hogwarts House – Harry Potter Cake

There are countless photos of Harry Potter sweets online, but my oh my, this one takes home the cake! The detail is amazing, and just how Pop Up Cakes was able to keep this standing straight up is impressive. It truly would be a pity to ruin this cake by eating it.

The Stark Heart Tree

The Heart Tree, the center of the Godswood, where a Stark will always find peace. If you’re looking to gift a cake to your special someone, this is the perfect design. If you can find someone to make it for you.


Tyrion on the Iron Throne

Now you know who is going to sit on the Iron Throne. Or maybe not.

Either way, this cake is a fitting tribute to adorable and fearsome Imp.


The Walking Dead: Don’t Open…

Of all the Walking Dead-themed cakes I’ve seen, this is the most appropriate in my opinion. The “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” sign is definitely one of the iconic elements of the series.

This cake was made by Lydias Lil Pastries!

The Walking Dead: A Mashup

If you want a cake that includes other elements of The Walking Dead, then this is the one for you. The cake contains various references and gives you a more complete picture of the show. Can you test your knowledge and point out all the references you can?



This cake is a lie. You’re not really seeing it. It’s a figment of your imagination.

But it was made by Chatter Cakes UK.

Ponies and Supernatural

Not your usual bedfellows, but this mashup cake is too cute! (Never mind the blood.)

For more epic geeky cakes, visit Nerdache Cakes. Make sure you have a hanky to wipe off that drool.


Honor the original Ghostbusters gang with this cake. Nothing else will do.


Ultimate Sci-Fi Cake

You say you’re a sci-fi kind of guy? Well, feast your eyes. Our friends at Regali Kitchen have done it again. Take a close look and let us know what you all find in this cake.

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