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14 Worst TV Parents We Love To Hate

By Bea

Most often than not, our favorite TV characters seem to have major problems aka mommy or daddy issues from having awful parents. Now, there are many types of terrible parents. We have the overprotective kind, the overbearing kind, the lying/manipulative kind, or even the psychotic kind. So whether you understand them or not, here are some of the worst TV parents we all love to hate.

Eli Pope (Scandal)

You can’t really blame Olivia for all the issues she has with men. As commander of B613, Eli loves the power and control he has over the country. This makes him equally as controlling and manipulative of his daughter’s life. In fact, in order to bridge a gap between Olivia and Fitz, he instructs not one, but two of his men to sleep with his daughter. Pimping out his daughter definitely gets him on this list.

Hiram and Hermione Lodge (Riverdale)

Our favorite spoiled little rich girl Veronica Lodge comes from a mobster family. Her father tried to kill her boyfriend, while her mother tried to have her father killed. No wonder she’s so good at schemes and blackmail. She got it from her parents.

Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Shou Tucker is one of the worst parents in Anime history by merging his daughter Nina and pet dog to keep his position as state alchemist. He tries to pass it off as an “ethically”-created chimera, but let’s face it, what he did was incredibly selfish and monstrous.

Julie Cooper (The OC)

Julie Cooper is one bad and wild mom. She had an affair with her daughter’s ex boyfriend, almost killed her husband, tried to frame her daughter’s boyfriend for murder, and tried to get Ryan to kill Volchok. Sure, she loves her daughters at the end of the day, but as far as irresponsible and troubled moms go, she’s definitely one.

Cersei and Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

These controversial parents are probably one of the worst parents-slash-siblings ever. Apart from the fact they’re in an incestuous relationship, Cersei and Jaime are also power-hungry to the point of committing murder and pushing poor Bran from that watchtower.

Craster (Game of Thrones)

There were a lot of bad dads on GoT (Stannis Baratheon and Tywin Lannister for example), but the worst of them all was probably Craster, who rapes all of his daughters and sacrifices his sons to the White Walkers. The guy has no paternal love for his children whatsoever, making him one of the worst TV parents ever.

Hiromi Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Hiromi Shiota’s parenting skills were so off-base for raising her son Nagisa as a girl. And she did this just so she could relive her own girlhood which is pretty psychotic if you ask me. She forced him to grow his hair and wear girl clothes.

Goku (Dragon Ball)

Goku was pretty much an absentee father to Gohan and Goten. He was so busy fighting and being the hero, he didn’t know how to be a dad. To make this worse, he even stopped helping Gohan during a fight just to see if his son was strong enough to defeat the villain.

Gambino (Berserk)

As Guts’ adoptive father, Gambino blames his son for everything that goes wrong in his life, even the death of his lover Shisu. He considers Guts a bad omen, resulting in him beating his son, forcing him to act as a kid soldier, pimping him out to a pedophile, and even attempting to kill him.

Kate and Peter McCallister (Home Alone)

You’ve got to blame Kevin’s parents for the whole burglary fiasco. If they hadn’t accidentally left their son for the holidays, they wouldn’t have put him in harm’s way. It’s a good thing the eight-year-old knew how to handle things on his end. Check this out.

Aaron Echolls (Veronica Mars)

Having an affair with your son’s current girlfriend, and murdering her makes Aaron Echolls on this list.

Kazekage Rasa (Naruto)

Kazekage Rasa is guilty of trapping the Shukaku in his unborn son, killing his wife in the process. Because of this, his son grows up with murderous tendencies, resulting in Rasa trying to kill his son to save the village. Meanwhile, Rasa’s other two kids are left to raise themselves because he’s too busy hunting down his son.

Norma Bates (Bates Motel)

Norman Bates is a serial killer with major mommy issues ever since he witnesses his mom kill a man and cover up the murder. Scarred for life, Norman loses grip of reality and ends up killing his mother. Subsequently, he kills women he’s attracted to as “Mother”.

Dr. Beverly Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory)

Dr. Beverly Hofstadter is Leonard’s super rational psychiatrist and neuroscientist mother. Her love for science basically makes her seem like the cold and emotionally distant parent that Leonard seems to think he has. She used him for experiments when he was a kid, never celebrated his birthday, and favored Sheldon over him. Maybe it’s just part of her social awkwardness and hyper-rational brain, but she did finally start caring about Leonard’s life in season 12.

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