Minecraft is one of the surprise successes of the gaming world, and it has created a broad fan base that is still expanding. If you are a fan of Minecraft who also likes blogs, the following 15 are among the best on the net. While some of them are no longer updated, their old content still provides you with a world of great information. They’re also a good example of how to make a website properly.

1. The Minecraft

This blog is unfortunately not updated anymore but is worth exploring due to its still-intact previous content. The blogger writes about his friend’s experiences with Minecraft in a fun and immersive way. Readers learn more about the game while experiencing it from a slightly different perspective. To check it out, click on the link here.

2. Unofficial Minecraft

One of many unofficial Minecraft blogs, this Tumblr blog offers a variety of unique benefits to the Minecraft fan. The first several posts on the top the page were videos to various builds the author had created. There was also an article on how to make Minecraft run faster. The articles here are both illustrative and informative. While not regularly updated, this blog is still worth checking out here.

3. Warren Woodhouse Minecraft

Warren Woodhouse is a master Minecraft builder who shares all of his incredible projects on a simple blog. While not regularly updated compared to some other blogs on this list, his stunning creations are truly amazing to explore. To check them out, please click on this link. You might be surprised at the level of detail that Warren can create, but that level of control and design is available to all crafters who are willing to spend time with the game.

4. Empire Minecraft

Empire Minecraft is a still-updated blog that offers a variety of updates related to Minecraft and the Minecraft gaming experience. One of their most popular blog entries is a discussion on the new Minecraft launcher, the bugs that surrounded it, and how users can get around them. Informative and fun, this blog is also very well designed and gorgeous. Learn more by clicking here.

5. Lazcraft

Another apparently dead Minecraft blog, this one is still up and running for those who want to snag some great art or animations. It is primarily an art or picture-based blog. The variety of items on display here is pretty surprising, though, and it is a shame it hasn’t been updated since 2013. Click here and send a message to the author: maybe you can get them to do some updates again!

6. Youssarian’s Minecraft Blog

In many ways, this blog is the golden example of how to write about Minecraft. Though no longer active, the author wrote about their Minecraft experience in great detail. They discussed various projects, showcased photos of those projects, and offered many step-by-step tutorials on building them. Check it out here and see what you were missing while it was being written.

7. K & J Minecraft

A fairly lighthearted (and still updated!) Tumblr blog, this one is still a lot of fun to explore. Like much of Tumblr, it is based in images and various animations. However, the authors also offer tutorials and builds for interested players. The “K & J” of the title are still active Minecraft players and provide fun and engaging content for their many readers. Drop a line to them here and see what they have to offer.

8. The Minecraft Blog YouTube

YouTube is filled with a variety of Minecraft blogs, and this is one of the most popular of those blogs. It includes various tutorials, spotlights on incredible builds, promotional videos for Minecraft events, and much more. Check it out if you like video blogs and need help with a difficult process.

9. Blockhead

This still active blog is run by a seventh-grade history teacher who uses Minecraft to teach their students a variety of interesting facts. They bill themselves as a climber, an author, and a “California Teacher of the Year” finalist. Check it out if you are interested in the educational uses of Minecraft and how they are being implemented.

10. World of Minecraft

World of Minecraft is less a blog and more a one-stop emporium for various pieces of Minecraft information. It includes a list of mods, Redstone tutorials, links to popular Minecraft videos, discussions on the best Minecraft servers, and much more. See what it has to offer by clicking on this link.

11. Minecraft Blog

Minecraft Blog is, while somewhat sporadically updated, a source of great tutorials and fun builds for Minecraft fans. For example, their most recent post (from April 2016) showcases a zombie-proof village compound that has a variety of crops that are perfect for Minecraft fans who want a protected community. Click here to see what else they discuss.

12. The Minecraft Teacher

For several years, The Minecraft Teacher was the go-to source for information on how to use Minecraft in an educational setting. While no longer updated, the insights offered here can help teachers who want to make Minecraft a part of their curriculum. Click here to learn more.

13. Burnt Custard

Burnt Custard offers visitors many different types of content, including pictures, articles, and even links to various videos. Though not regularly updated, it doesn’t appear to be dead like many other Minecraft blogs. The variety of content it offers makes it one of the best online today. Read more here.

14. Room 19’s Minecraft Blog

Room 19 is a fairly interesting blog because it was set up with a very specific goal in mind. It is something of a study on collaborative learning using Minecraft. There is a lot of detail and interesting information on the way this game helps children (and even adults) work together. Check it out here.

15. PrestonPlayz Minecraft YouTube

Last, but certainly not least, is this video blog hosted by the hugely popular Preston. With a current subscription total of 4,168,188 viewers, PrestonPlayz is one of the most fun and family-friendly Minecraft blogs on the market. View what Preston has been playing here.


As you can see, there is a great world of Minecraft blogs out there for fans of the game. Each offers its unique spin on the world of Minecraft, so don’t be afraid to dig in and have a little fun with the blog of your choice. If you don’t like what you find, make a website dedicated to Minecraft that does.

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