15 Weirdest, Disturbing And Awesome Video Game Stories You Won't Believe Happened

Please note, the one above fits into disturbing, but most here do not. I have a weird video game story that will make you feel better. One time I playing Dead Space 2, fighting the boss that tears through the wall and pulls you outside. I had so much adrenaline, the power blew out and I literally screamed like a child because for about 2 seconds my mind could not separate that we were not actually stuck inside the game with the monster, only now in the pitch black. It was, in a word, a very weird gaming experience, and that shit isn’t even cool enough to have made this list.

Gaming has become a subculture that has moved more into the mainstream, and with that change comes some other changes. One example being a married couple going off to play online games at a cafe rather than consummating their marriage. The truth is, gamers have experienced some pretty weird things over time, and this list will shine a light on some of those bizarre, sad, and sometimes fantastic stories.

So now I find myself curious. We heard all these on the list, and you heard my weird gaming story (one of many) but what about you? What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while gaming? If they are as good as any on this list, please share in the comments. Maybe we can make a list filled with just readers gaming experiences. How cool would that be?

Unless they are as messed up as that dead baby one. Please don’t share any like that. That will just make us wanna beat you relentlessly.


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