15 Things You Should Know About Caffeine

When I think caffeine I always think coffee, I barely stand still to the fact that cola and tea amongst others also contain it. I never drank coffee, did not like it at all. It was thanks to having dinner at an Italian bistro which served good cappuccino’s that I started liking coffee. And when Starbucks opened at the train station that I frequent I really got into coffee.

Not that I am a coffee expert, but I guess having never drank coffee before it’s nice to have a new drink and new taste. A warm drink to relax at times. I now understand the appeal of hanging out in a coffeehouse everyday drinking coffee.

I never knew that caffeine works in the same parts of the brain as cocaine and heroine. So I guess it’s no wonder that caffeine is banned at the Olympics due that it increases endurance amongst other effects.

In November last year I quit caffeine cold turkey. No more iced tea, I drink decaf coffee and I drink decaf cola. And the few times I drink tea I drink tea without caffeine. And now thanks to this infographic I find out to my amazement that decaf is not really 100% decaf…..great.

Coffee lovers tell me that decaf coffee does not taste as good as regular coffee but to be honest I don’t see how the lack or not of caffeine affects the taste.

And finally that piece over Hitler getting caffeine and glucose injections sounds really far fetched, although considering all the craziness of that man, maybe not.

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