Who doesn’t own an ugly Christmas sweater?

It’s probably currently tucked away in your closet, hiding scared behind that antiquated winter coat you’re still dreading to pull out (because then you’ve officially admitted, winter’s here). Whether you bought the hideous sweater from the thrift store for an offbeat college theme party, or you borrowed it from grandpa only to hold onto it forever, still, it’s somewhere in the stash.

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Gifer

With all of the hype surrounding unsightly Xmas sweaters … what about repulsive Thanksgiving sweaters, though? They’re much more uncommon, and they kick total turkey tail!

Below is a list of some of the best corny and tasteless Thanksgiving sweaters we ran across on the web. Have fun exploring and please feel free to share with all of the tacky persons you know!

30 Awesomely Tacky Thanksgiving Sweaters

1. Bro … Just, No

thanksgiving sweaters
Saying this Thanksgiving sweater is ugly, is actually complimenting it!; Photo: Pinterest

When Nicki Minaj said, “I look like ‘yes’, and you look like ‘no,'” we see now what she was referring to — this sweater!

A good friend would just tell this guy, “Bro … no,” and call it a day. If he was going for ugliest Thanksgiving sweater on the motherbleeping planet, well – his goofy behind passed with flying colors.

2. Oh My Goodness

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Picturexe; ?

We’ve been next to cars whose music is blaring obnoxiously loud, however, we’ve never seen a shirt that was obnoxiously loud … until today.

3. The Lamont Sanford Collection

thanksgiving sweater ugly

Most tacky and ugly sweaters don’t ‘hang’ quite right, know what we’re talking ‘ bout? The one above though, actually looks rather snug. It’s still TACKY as all hell, though, appears comfy toasty.

If it was aligned with the right boots and jeans, it could almost work at the dinner table and not cause the little sight that grandma still has left to fade to black.

4. In A Nutshell

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Facebook

This unlovely sweater, hands down though paints the Thanksgiving holiday scene better than any we’ve ever witnessed. What’s getting us though, is – does the bro have is hat twisted to the back and his leg up on the arm of the couch – REALLY? Kicka*s.

5. King of the Wicker People

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Etsy

This home-made looking sweater is just bad, bad we tell you! It’s exceedingly awkward and cheesy. Providing that’s what you’re going for this turkey day, well, badda-bing badda-boom.

6. Even Cosby Wouldn’t Have Touched This

thanksgiving sweaters
Oh my; Photo: Imgur

Do we, really have to say something about this garb? Okay, well, it is one of the worst things we’ve ever focused our retinas on.

Looking like it just stepped out of a Brady’s Bunch episode – the above sweater is so bad, that donning it in public may attract potentially a head-slap from a random unknown (perhaps, from one of us here).

7. Wait, Turkey’s ‘Legal’ Now Too?

thanksgiving sweater ugly

Ha, get it? Okay, not the best joke but the wise-crack’s still better than this sweater!

Well, come to think of it … maybe, it’s not that ‘bad.’ Plain, tacky – definitely; but, not necessarily bad. Everybody knows how turkey can send you into a trance/slumber after you eat massive amounts of it (thanks, tryptophan); thereby, factually this sweater-shirt is not that far off.

8. In Vest In Yourself

thanksgiving sweater ugly

Okay now, this sweater is the epitome of tacky. Just look at it … omg, unt uh!

This sweater shouldn’t even be given away for free, honestly. The creepy-looking turkeys are atrocious enough but, did they have to make it a vest on top of it! Awesomely garish this is.

9. *Insert Text Here*

thanksgiving sweaters
Horrible; Photo: Ragstock

We left the subheading blank on purpose, for you to fill in — because, we have absolutely no idea what to say about this sweater!

We will say this – nifty sewing. Whoever sewed this did a bang-up job, but that’s the extent of it. Bestow this sweater upon somebody and, don’t be surprised when they suddenly stop returning your texts and calls.

10. The “Why Is Everyone Rubbing In The Fact I’m Still Single!” Sweater

thanksgiving sweater ugly

Wow, talk about a punch to the gut. Still, this sweater kills two birds with one stone – it’s ugly and a single-person magnet!

Say you’re friend Krista invites you over to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. You wear the above sweater. Just so happens, several hot single guys are at the get-together as well. One of them sees your impressive tacky sweater and thinks to himself “hmm, scratch that, she can come sit with me..” Ya’ see! Ugly sweater snags ’em every time, go get ’em, Bridget Jones!

11. Okay, Let’s Bow Our Heads


This is so wonderfully tacky! Check out the full dinner on the table … candlelight included and all. Now that we look at it, this sweater has quite the amorous ambiance – wouldn’t you say?

Quixotic? Indeed. Ugly as butt cheeks? Oh, without a doubt. Throw this on if you wanna get people chattering at whatever Thanksgiving function you’re in attendance.

12. Holy Cow! (Bart Simpson voice)

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Twitter

Right, Homer would not even style this! You need shades damn near to look directly at this, and even then.

13. Is This Queen Latifah’s Sweater?


Sequin turkey sweaters are delightfully dated and gaudy. C’mon, you can’t tell us you don’t see the Queen rocking this in House Party II? Ha! You can.

14. No Jokes Aside, Did Queen Latifah Have A Garage Sale or Something?!

thanksgiving sweaters
Another sequin Thanksgiving sweater; Photo: Flickr

Stop, ha! Another Thanksgiving sweater you can certainly see on Carlotta Brown, back in the day.

15. Vomit Bucket… Now! Please

thanksgiving sweater ugly

This colorful piece is the tackiest of ’em all, just about! It’s a wonderful mix of contrary colors, crazy shapes, and monstrosity.

16. Pilgrims Vs. Indians: Tonight At 8 pm!

thanksgiving sweater ugly

What would a tawdry Thanksgiving sweater be without a pillaging pilgrim scene, huh? Uncivilized.

17. Saved By The (What The) Hell

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Poshmark

Screech lost his sweater, didn’t he? Tell ’em we found it.

18. Burn Baby, Burn (This Sweater, That Is)

thanksgiving sweater ugly

This tan, grotesque sweater is perfect for prune-skinned elder ladies and GILF‘s. It’ll go great with wheat-colored footwear and bran flakes.

19. “They Say I Walk Around Like I Got an ‘S’ On My Chest, Naw That’s a Semi-A*** & a Rooster Vest On My Chest”


This frightful Thanksgiving sweater actually’s without a single turkey on it. It’s the ideal Thanksgiving sweater for the person who happens to despise turkeys.

20. “Turkey Harvest White Pull-Over Now To The Curb Your Under Arrest,” Fashion Police

thanksgiving sweater ugly

This turkey patch sweater is adorable yet simultaneously horrid, right? Looks soft and comfortable though, to say the least.

21. Ha, Ha Love The Movie … Despise The Shirt, Though

funny thanksgiving sweaters

This sweater is good for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nice (n’ ugly).

22. A Hot Mess

tacky thanksgiving sweaters

Another sweater you can throw on for both holidays. Front. Top. Back. Top. It doesn’t get more chintzy than this.

23. Pet Sweaters Rule! (Beavis voice)

tthanksgiving sweater ugly pet

For when no one else in your family wants to wear ugly sweaters because they’re too cool.

24. He’s No Jive Turkey

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: BoredPanda

Ha! This turkey’s plain not having it this year, or any year looks like.

25. Ugly Duckling? Turkey? We Don’t Know

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Amazon

That’s a custom-turkey shirt, we gather, but does it not resemble a duck a bit? Hmm, maybe it’s just the eggnog talking…

26. Looks Like A Painting In A Shrink’s Office

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: eBay

Doesn’t it?! Or, at least a shrink’s office is where you’ll end up if you elect to adopt this sweater.

27. Just ‘Cause It Has Bows (Sewn) On The Sleeve, Doesn’t Make This A Gift

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Flickr

Amen to that. The colors are nice and varied, though.

28. We’re Gonna Pump, You (Well, Your Stomach) Up

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Ysl

It’s a yearly tradition you spend 364 days fasting for… or do you?

29. Yuck

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Wanelo

Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater 101: Register for classes now and don’t forget to bring your homework.

30. A Sight For Sore Eyes, Perfect Eyes, Blind Eyes, Whatever Eye!

thanksgiving sweaters
Photo: Newlook

If you opt not to dress in a repugnant Thanksgiving sweater, luckily you can always make your pets do it! They will probably hate you for it, of course – but hopefully, they’ll forgive and forget.

31. Points For Honesty, At Least!

Political debates at the table or social discussions about your life are off-limits. Let’s just eat some turkey, shall we?

32. It’s Alive!

We don’t even know half of what’s going on here. It’s like when you order to the ugly sweater store and tell the tailor that you’ll have one of everything.

33. Did Kanye West Design This Or Something?

No, really, it looks like one of his newest merchandise.

Now … what about you? Are you or anyone in your family wearing a ludicrously tacky Thanksgiving sweater this year for the holidays? Let us know!

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