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16 Goodies to Commemorate Star Trek First Contact Day

By Bea

Humans and Vulcans, live long and prosper! April 5th is coming in just a few days, and you all know what that means. It’s First Contact Day! This momentous day has been celebrated throughout the world to remember the very first time humans made official contact with an alien species – April 5, 2063. So technically, this day hasn’t really happened yet. To officially commemorate Star Trek First Contact Day, check out these radical goodies! Who knows, you may need some of them when you make contact with a Vulcan yourself!

T’Plana-Hath Vulcan Lander

This Vulcan surveyor starship was the lander vessel used when humans and Vulcans first made contact. It is named after a Vulcan philosopher of the same name. The ship had three crew members, one of which was its captain Solkar, Spock’s great grandfather. Get this awesome replica, and get your hands on a 20-page magazine containing everything you need to know about it.

Vulcan Salute Shirt

In accordance with Vulcan first contact procedure, the crew gave humans the famous Vulcan salute, signifying the alliance between the two species. Wear this shirt so you would never forget this custom in case you come face to face with a Vulcan yourself!

Star Trek Crossword Puzzle

Why not put your Star Trek First Contact knowledge to the test with this awesome (and might I say challenging) crossword book? This book contains FIFTY never-before-published puzzles solely focused on the franchise. Edited by top puzzle master, John M. Samson, this will surely keep those brain cells firing up!

Zefram Cochrane Action Figure

Get your hands on this iconic Zefram Cochrane action figure to add to your collection! It even comes with an engineering kit, maintenance tool, liquid refreshment, flashlight, an exclusive movie mini-poster, and a bonus Starfleet action base.

Starfleet Academy Zefram Cochrane Library Poster

Here’s another Zefram Cochrane item that you will surely love to have in your home. Who wouldn’t want to commemorate Star Trek First Contact Day without showing some Cochrane love, right? I mean, he is the inventor of Warp drive on Earth, making the first official contact with the Vulcans even possible.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is humanity’s first warp-capable ship in the 21st century. This was the ship designed and constructed by Dr. Zefram Cochrane and his team. This groundbreaking ship holds a special place in Federation history, so getting your hands on this model is practically a must! It also comes with an exclusive collector’s magazine detailing the story of this ship.

Starfleet Uniform Sewing Pattern

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, you can now officially look the part with this Starfleet Captain Uniform sewing pattern. It includes all four “hero” versions of the jacket seen throughout the era: First Contact, Nemesis, Sisko, and the Sisko variant.

Phaser Rifle

Be battle-ready (or cosplay-ready) with this 3D-printed EVA Phaser Rifle with electronics. Don’t worry, it’s specifically designed to function in the frigid zero gravity vacuum of space!

Starfleet Face Mask

We all know First Contact Day this year will be very different given the pandemic, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating! Why not show off your Starfleet affiliation with these reversible, Starfleet uniform-inspired face masks?

First Contact Signed Movie Script (Reprint)

Are you even a real Star Trek fan if you don’t have a signed movie script? So what if these are just reprints? Getting the original copy is pretty darn hard and expensive. These are definitely good enough for me.

Medical Scanner Prop

This Starfleet medical scanner prop is a must-have! In Star Trek, these scanners were part of medical tricorders designed for medical diagnostic purposes. Every Starfleet doctor had these in hand, so you should get them as well! Hurry since these are selling like hotcakes!

Phoenix Metal Pin

Wear this Phoenix spaceship metal pin loud and proud wherever you go. It’s perfect for showing off your love affair with Star Trek.

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E

Here is an exciting detailed replica of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E Master System Display. It is the sixth Federation starship to carry the name “Enterprise”. Just note that this is only a soft copy.

Vintage Star Trek Books

These vintage Star Trek books include the 1996 First Contact and 1994 The Next Generation hardbound copies with dust jackets.

Star Trek Cookbook

First Contact Day won’t be complete without some out-of-this-world cuisine from this cookbook. Find out how the Vulcans, Klingons, and Bajorans eat! The recipes found here come from the U.S.S. Voyager’s top chef Neelix.

Star Trek Barware

This Star Trek: The Next Generation Whiskey Decanter Set is perfect for any Enterprise-themed party. Give your bar area that extra geeky flair. Now you can drink to your favorite Starfleet crew in style!

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