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18 Scary Mask Costumes for Halloween

By Bea

October is coming to an end, and we all know what that means. Halloween is near! It’s the time when kids get to dress up like adults, and adults get to act like kids. So if you still don’t know what you’re going to wear on this spooky holiday, check this out! We have here some awesome, easy, last minute scary mask costumes that everyone will surely love!

Scream Ghostface Mask

Slasher film lovers will go crazy over this Scream Ghostface mask. One look at this creepy fellow and people are bound to *scream*! Just make sure you don’t get a mysterious, threatening phone call, or else you might just be the next victim!

Pagan Skull Mask Leather Pattern

There’s something unsettling and scary about pagan masks. This DIY pagan skull mask, for example, looks like a demon with horns. It’s scary indeed. Moreover, you also get to have fun creating the mask yourself!

Face-Transforming LED Mask

You know technology is at its peak when they invent a fully customizable, face-transforming LED mask. Whether you want to look like a famous celebrity or a villainous killer, this mask will allow you to have it all! This makes it a definite purchase that’s worth the price. You can even wear it all year round on other holidays (think Santa or even the Easter bunny!).

IT Clown Mask

Clowns are just plain creepy. Killer clowns, on the other hand, are a whole other level of creepy. In particular, Pennywise is probably the creepiest of them all. After all, *It* is an ancient cosmic evil that preys on children AND has the ability to shapeshift and manipulate reality.

Scarecrow Mask

Scarecrows are typically harmless things, but this scarecrow mask will make you think otherwise. With its leather finish and stitched lips, this scary mask costume is a definite must-have!

Custom Jason Vorhees Pumpkin Mask

What do you get when you merge a serial killer and Halloween? Well, you get this custom-made Jason Vorhees pumpkin mask. I’ve got to give it to this mask for its uniqueness, scare factor, and ingenuity. And I thought Friday the 13th Jason Vorhees was creepy!

Demon Nun Mask

If one scary mask costume could keep me up all night, it would be this demon nun mask. I mean, whoever thought of turning something as holy and not evil as a nun into a demon must be super twisted (and brilliant!).

Creepy Bunny Mask

This strange and disturbing bunny mask kind of gives off that Donnie Darko vibe that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Wear this during Halloween, and people will definitely be giving you a second look!

Steampunk Gas Mask

This steampunk-themed gas mask looks like it came right out of an abandoned 19th-century bunker. It will definitely give your costume that retro-futuristic, evil doctor look.

Marvel Venom Mask

Let’s add something a little geekier into the mix with this Venom mask. Bring out your love for Marvel with this awesome costume!

Scary Burlap Mask

A burlap mask is an easy, last-minute Halloween costume idea that’s both affordable and scary. One of the scariest killers out there, Sam (Trick ‘r Treat) wears a scary burlap mask to conceal his creepier demonic face.

Squid Game Face Mask

This year’s biggest killer Netflix series is Squid Game. Surely, the show’s hype will resonate this Halloween. Make sure you’re part of the game with your own guard mask.

Chucky Mask

Chucky’s getting a lot of attention this year with the release of the TV series based on the Child’s Play franchise. This means we’ll be seeing more of this killer doll, and that includes the spookiest holiday of the year!

The Order Monster Latex Mask

Fans of Netflix’s The Order must get these realistic masks. You’ll surely be ready to join the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Zombie Nurse Mask

Cliché, bloody nurse costumes are just not enough anymore these days. Take this idea up a notch with this zombie nurse mask!

Momo Challenge Face Mask

The Momo challenge hoax took the internet by storm and it was disturbing as hell. Momo’s face mask, though not as equally disturbing as the urban legend itself, makes for a great and chilling Halloween costume.

The Purge Cross God Mask

Halloween isn’t complete without any reference to The Purge. Who wouldn’t panic seeing a costume from a film that allows people to commit all sorts of government-sanctioned crimes for 12 hours?

Demi Sharky Zombie Mask

When it comes to Zombie costumes, this one takes the gold. Its attention to detail and spine-tingling look will make anyone the best-dressed person this Halloween.

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