Fandom Friday: 20 Best Fallout Merchandise to Whet Your Appetite for Fallout 4

With Fallout 4 coming soon – not soon enough, yeah? – every gamer is on the edge of his/her seat thinking about the ‘what ifs’, ‘what we can’t wait for‘, and probably already dreaming about holing up for days on end playing the game.

The recent E3 2015 Expo didn’t really help what with its Fallout 4 coverage and teasers. But, oh well, patience is a virtue, as they say.

The only thing you can do for now is pre-order the game from the Bethesda Store.

OR, you can do some retail therapy and get the best Fallout merchandise you can find. You may not have Fallout 4 yet, but you’ll have some cool stuff to play with. Mind you, if you feel that we’re just making the wait worse for you, that is not our intention. Nope.

Also, this is a pretty long list, but trust me, it’s worth looking at all the 20 top Fallout merchandise we’ve handpicked for you. Just don’t kill us if you end up maxing out your credit card.

Did I say scroll down till the end? Just do it.

The Bethesda Store Items

Let’s start with the official store, as they do have some pretty cool stuff. You can wade through all their Fallout merchandise, but here are several that you can easily buy without thinking twice.

1. Vault Boy Arms Crossed Bobblehead

Vault dwellers need not panic with this Vault Boy Bobblehead.

It’s approximately 7 inches tall including the base. It also has raised lettering for Vault Tec on the base and is packaged in a custom printed Vault Boy box.

It’s approximately 7 inches tall including the base. It also has raised lettering for Vault Tec on the base and is packaged in a custom printed Vault Boy box.

Available only for pre-order, but it ships July 15th. Not too long anymore. Pre-order here.


“The Fallout Pop! series includes both a male and female Lone Wanderer, the protagonist from Fallout 3, alongside a slew of enemies.”

This vinyl female lone wanderer measures 3.75 inches. It also is available for pre-order and will ship on July 15.

There are other items coming up in the Pop! series, so keep an eye out for them.

3. Brotherhood of Steel Necklace

This, you really want in your collection. Male or female, with this pendant on you, you’ll get cred. Lots of it.

Don’t be frustrated because it’s also on pre-order at the moment, but this ships sooner – June 30. Also, if you pre-order now, that means you’ll have these awesome merch before others do!

4. Taste the Radiation Hoodie

Why have regular cola when you can have Nuka Cola?

  • Black 10 oz. 80% cotton 20% polyester full zip hoodie
  • Premium heavyweight fabric, generous spec and quality construction
  • Fleece-lined hood
  • Split-stitch double needle sewing on all seams
  • Twill neck tape
  • Nuka Cola logo on wearer’s left chest, print on back

This one’s available right now, and it’s on sale! From $60 to $39.99, so what are you waiting for??? Get the hoodie now.

5. Everyone’s Favorite Softdrink T-Shirt

If you’re not the hoodie type – and we totally get that – then this t-shirt is your next best option. It’s also on sale (as of this writing) from $20 to $16.

Again, what are you waiting for? Go get it.

Drool-worthy Items From Etsy

The next items are truly drool-worthy, but I have to warn you now: they don’t come cheap. You’ll see why.

6. Fallout Enclave Style Helmet 1/1 Scale Wearable

Designed using CAD software and then 3D-printed, this helmet’s measurements are:
Height = 47cm width = 38cm depth = 34cm at furthest points (including hoses).

It’s made to order and takes about 25 working days to complete. For a nice sum of $549.45, you can have this bad boy.

7. Fallout Wasteland Functional Gas Mask / Respirator

If you think that wearable helmet is awesome, then this functional gas mask will impress you even more. One size fits all, and it’s made of brass and aluminum. Each gas mask is handcrafted using ‘found’ metals, so each one is unique. It even has a lifetime guarantee!

Even better, it costs only $60.

8. pipboy 3000 DIY Phone Case

Tired of the usual phone case? Well, here’s something that will definitely stand out. It’s 3D-printed, and you get to assemble it yourself. It’s compatible with the iPhone 5/5S and some Samsung Galaxy phones.

Get this must-have survival tool aka phone case to the tune of $100.

9. Fallout Style Full T45d Costume

“This costume comes complete with an under black morph suit, T45d helmet with working leds, top torso, arms, belt/crotch protector, legs, and shins. Fits anyone from 5ft up to 6ft 3in and small to large build (larger/smaller sizes can be made on request). The helmet can fit heads up to 20cm x 20cm and comes complete with padding for a comfortable fit.”

Be the center of attention with this Fallout Style Full T45d Costume for $1,939.24. (I know…)

10. Vault Boy Skirt for Gals

Gals, can you imagine wearing this skirt to…wherever? This handmade skirt is made of cotton, making sure you’re all comfy. Vault Boy approves.

This Vault Boy Skirt for Gals goes for $45.

Fallout Collectibles From All Over the Web

11. Fallout: New Vegas- PS4 Designer Skin for Sony PlayStation 4 Console System

This comes with two decals for the PS4 Dualshock Controller. Not only do you get to have a badass looking console (and decals), but you also protect it from dust and scratches.

Shell out about $22.99 for this set of decals here.

Buy here

12. Fallout Vault Boy Print Backpack

Transfer the contents of your emergency kit to this backpack for added luck. And remember, always keep it in a handy place.

The Fallout Vault Boy Print Backpack goes for $34.50.

Buy here

13. Vault 101 Throw Pillow

Transform your couch with the Vault 101 throw pillow.


  • Measures 18″ X 18″ with an 11″ X 11″ image area
  • Constructed from ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area
  • Ships with pillow insert
  • Removable zippered cover for easy laundering

You’ll never want to get out of your couch again.

Get the Vault 101 Throw Pillow for $24.50.

14. Fallout 3 Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat Walking Giant Art Print Poster

While you’re at it (doing homey stuff like decorating), you might as well do something with that bare wall of yours. This giant of a print poster will make for a perfect center of attention and is made of several panels. Each panel is A3 in size (297mm x 420mm or 11.69in x 16.53in) and is printed on glossy 250gsm cards.

For only $24.95, I can’t think of a better bedfellow for the Vault 101 throw pillow.

Get the Fallout 3 Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat Walking Giant Art Print Poster.

Buy here

15. Brotherhood of Steel Small Oval Pet Tag

Don’t forget the dog. Never forget the dog.

This pet tag fits any collar, so even if you don’t really own a dog in real life, you can use it on your cat, or even as a pendant – whatever floats your boat!

Get it here for $10.97.

16. The Art of Fallout 3

Speaking about art, this hardcover coffee table book should be on every Fallout fan’s, well, coffee table. Or in some cases, the subwoofer.

Illustrated by Natalia Smirnova, the book has about 100 pages of concept art, complete with the thoughts of some Bethesda Game Studios artists.

That’s an awesome deal for only $14.99. Get it here.

Buy here

17. Chore Ghoul T-shirt

For anyone who hates doing house chores, then you need this t-shirt. You’ll have someone to clean your house for you, but we can’t guarantee that it’ll smell nice after. Or that you’ll still exist.

Also available as a tank top, hoodie, and crewneck. Get your own house cleaner on a t-shirt, yes?

18. Women’s Fallout Vault Boy Thumbs Up Tops

Perfect timing for the summer! Although to be honest, I think you can wear this any time. If it’s too cold, just layer up.

As of this writing, this tank is on sale for $21.99, so might as well get it when you can save 10 bucks.

Buy here

19. Fallout Vault Boy Collage T-Shirt

This Vault Boy t-shirt is different from the usual designs, as you can see, and it makes me feel as if I have to look for Waldo or something like that. I think it’s a refreshing change. If you think the same, you can wear it for only 20 bucks or so.

Buy here

20. Fallout Shelter Thong

I’m just going to leave this here.

C’mon, you know you want it, so get it.

Disclaimer: Amazon links are affiliate links.

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