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  1. Shane Tramontin says

    A true “Crazy One” He improved this world with many wonderful technologies. The world will miss him and his brilliant innovations. I am an Apple fan and always will be. The company will go on. Jobs left a wonderful team behind to take up his legacy. I just hope that they always ask what would Steve think about this. These tributes where amazing. I personally liked the “Crazy Ones” tribute.

  2. Tarun says

    What an amazing man! What an amazing journey! Wonder what he will come back as in his next birth. Maybe as the the guy who will make time travel (tele transportation) possibly real.

    My good wishes to those fortunate enough to have had the chance to associate with such an amazing visionary.

  3. Zakk Forchilli says

    He was such an amazing man. Wether or not anyone notices it, Apple WILL suffer from the loss of him.

    Even though he had retired not too long before his death, I’m sure he would have still been quite influential to everything Apple related. He left Apple behind, but I don’t think Apple left HIM behind.

    I’m sure that at some point, Steve would have been consulting, or at least having a final word (or a good word at least) on some of the things Apple would be doing at the time.

    He’s done way too much for that company to completely leave it behind. I’d like to know what he had planned for the rest of his life. Or what he WOULD have planned if his disease wasn’t stripping his life away from beneath him.

    One of the most innovative people on this earth, one of our greatest visionaries, a man that loved to work, sure wouldn’t just STOP working on the things he loved just like THAT.. I feel like we would have seen some amazing things come from Steve Jobs in the future. It’s just too bad.

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