Scrabble is a very interesting game that combines the best aspects of language, board games, and strategy. For you to win Scrabble, you need to use strategy to score more points than the opponent. However, the biggest weapon you can have to win every game is your vocabulary.

As you already know, different letters score different points. Therefore, getting words with the highest scoring letters can be the difference between you and the opponent, whether it’s a real person or a computer. You can get high-scoring words from Scrabble word finder or through memorizing some of the best scoring words.

Below are 20 words that can help you win every Scrabble game.

1. Maximize

The word “maximize” is a pretty obvious word that doesn’t need any explanation. On its own, the word is worth 28 points. Taking into account the multipliers, you can get up to 126 points.

2. Jukebox

A jukebox is a coin-operated machine for playing music, usually plays a person’s selection when he or she inserts a coin. Using this word in Scrabble will get you at least 27 points without considering the effect of any multipliers.

3. Zax

Zax is a valid Scrabble word and refers to a tool used for cutting roof slates. For a 3-letter word, 19 points is a big scoop.     

4. Quickly

Quickly is a common word that you can easily remember. On its own, it will fetch you 25 points, and if you get the bonus, you will have 75 points.

5. Chutzpah

Chutzpah means extreme self-confidence, involving doing unusual things and not being embarrassed about it. This word is worth 27 points or 77 if you use all the seven tiles.

6. Syzygy

Don’t have any vowels? No worries. Just use a blank to get an extra y and form the word “syzygy.” Syzygy means a pair of corresponding or connected things. With this 6-letter word, you get 21 points. However, if you get a chance to hit the double letter square with the “z” and end on a triple square, you will get 93 points.

7. Flapjack

Flapjack, also known as a pancake, is a flat cake made of thin batter fried on both sides. It’s worth 26 points and 76 when you use all the seven tiles at once.

8. Bezique

Bezique is a trick-taking card game played by two people using a deck of cards. Interestingly, it was Winston Churchill’s favorite card game. It’s worth 26 points and can win you the game if you use it as a “bingo”

9. Zymurgy

It refers to the branch of chemistry which deals with fermentation. On its own, it’s worth 25 points, but for an opening “bingo” with the “z” on the double letter square, you score 120 points.

10. Quixotic

It means having ideas that are unusual and unrealistic. The word has two rare tiles, Q and X, hence a high score. You will fetch 26 points without taking into account multipliers, or 76 if you use all the seven tiles.

11. Exorcize

It means to force an evil spirit out of someone. On its own, the word can fetch you 26 points, but if you use the seven letters and take advantage of the double and triple word/letter squares, you’ll score high points.

12. Equalize

The basic way to score big is to use high-ranked letter tiles. With “Q” and “Z” in the same word, you have a chance to do that. The word, on its own, gets you 26 points but with these letters, you have the opportunity to maximize your score.

13. Qat

Qat is another spelling for khat, a plant whose leaves are chewed as a stimulant. In case you’re out of tiles, this 3-letter word can save you. It’s worth 12 points, but you can always get more if you play it strategically.

14. Squeeze

Squeeze means to press firmly. The word is simple and quite easy to remember. On its own, it’s worth 25 points. If you use all the seven tiles, you get 75 points.

15. Jezebel

Jezebel is a morally unrestrained woman. The word can be played in scrabble and fetches you 25 points.

16. Wheezily

Wheezily means producing a wheezing sound. Placement is everything in scrabble and can be the difference between you and the opponent. If placed across triple or double word/letter, you can get a very high score.

17. Muzjiks

Without the multipliers, the word is worth 29 points. If you use all your tiles on your first turn to spell, you will score up to 126 points; the points Jesse Inman earned at the National Scrabble Championship in 2008.

18. Quetzals

Quetzal is the national monetary unit of Guatemala. It also refers to a bird of the trogon family. You can win the game with this word if you can build on one of the existing letters. If you net a 50-point bingo, you’ll have 76 points.

19. Zuz

Zuz is an ancient Jewish silver coin. It scores 21 points, making it one of the highest scoring 3-letter words, if not the highest.

20. Whizbang

It’s a small high-velocity shell that produces a whizzing sound followed by an explosion. The word scores 26 points without taking into account the multiplier effects.

Remember that you can always practice your Scrabble game on the go with your phone. This really improves your Scrabble skills.

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