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The Only 2018 Movie Calendar You Need

2017 was a great year for film and it looks like 2018’s movies are going to be just as amazing. Rather than drown you in some drawn out intro paragraph about the impact movies have had on my life, let’s just jump right to dessert and skip the appetizer.

Here is your definitive 2018 movie calendar, presented in chronological order by release date.

January Movies

January 5th

*Insidious: The Last Key

Another year, another Insidious movie. That is just how things work now.

*The Commuter

There are a ton of movies coming out in 2018, but this is the one that intends to kick the year off with a bang.

And Liam Neeson is in it, so that’s always a plus.

January 9th

*12 Strong

What good would 2018 be without a little pro-American propaganda hitting the big screen?

Note the orange smoke in the trailer, symbolizing our president’s skin color.

January 26th

*Maze Runner: The Death Cure

This is the eagerly awaited ending to this beloved YA franchise. I mean, once you have found a cure for death it should technically NEVER end, but I will move along.

February Movies

February 2nd

*Untitled Cloverfield Project (God Particle?)

We know very little about this film outside of the fact that it is science fiction and ties together with 21 Cloverfield Lane and Cloverfield, just in ways we do not know yet.

But Abrams rarely lets us geeks down.

February 9th

*Fifty Shades Freed

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I am just kidding. These movies are trash. DO NOT see this if you respect yourself as a human.

Just watch porn like a normal person.

February 16th

*Black Panther

Of all the 2018 movies that feature comic book characters, this might be the one getting the most buzz outside of Infinity War and Deadpool 2 and…oh, forget it.

Still, even with ALL the comic movies dropping, Black Panther still looks REALLY badass.

*Early Man

A new animated movie by Nick Park (of Wallace and Gromit fame).

Count me in!

February 23rd


A new sci-fi flick by Alex Garland (Ex-Machina) featuring Natalie Portman?

That is enough of a selling point for me.

March Movies

March 2nd


Though this one may be lower on the 2018 movies list, Alpha (about a young man getting lost in the forest during a hunt with his tribe) looks like it may be a sleeper hit.

Plus, humans bonding with wolves is pretty cool if you ask me.

*Death Wish

A remake of Death Wish with Bruce Willis as a badass once again? Yup, that makes the cut.

Speaking of cuts…..

March 9th

*The Strangers: Prey at Night

Though the trailer doesn’t look like this sequel to the cult horror hit, The Strangers, is going to live up to its predecessor, we will have to wait to reserve judgement when it comes out.

But those masks are still scary as hell, fo sho’.

March 16th

*Tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider reboot movie (that ties in with the recently rebooted games) looks like it is going to be much closer to the source material (i.e. a female Indiana Jones) than the original movies were.

Here’s praying they can live up to the title this time around.

March 23rd

*Pacific Rim: Uprising

If you DON’T like to watch giant kaiju and robots battle to the death, why are you even on this site?

This is the kinda shit we LIVE for!


I literally have no idea what this movie is about, have not seen a trailer anywhere, but this one makes the cut on name alone.

Unsane sounds like a Norwegian metal band’s name.

*Isle of Dogs

Gonna call it now. This Wes Anderson stop motion movie will be the most charming and genuine movie that comes out next year, real talk.

March 30th

*Ready Player One

This movie based on the beloved book is about as high on the buzz-o-meter as 2018 movies get.

The fact that Spielberg is involved only ups the hype! Now on the other extreme from loud and non-stop to….

April Movies

April 6th

*A Quiet Place

Real life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski star in this cool looking thriller about a world where you cannot make ANY noise without DIRE consequences (maybe monsters, still unclear).

The trailer is tense as hell, though, and the cast is spectacular.

April 13th

*New Mutants

Loved this comic growing up and the horror vibe from the trailer makes it look like it could really be something unique for the Marvel cinematic U.

Another example of a great cast, too. Girl from Split and The Witch. Kid from Stranger Things, and a member of House Stark?

Yes, please.

April 20


Another movie based on a game, Rampage is on shaky ground right now, but if anyone can make a fun movie out of a dodgy concept it is The Rock, so we are holding out hope for this one.

*Super Troopers 2

“I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says Shenanigans.”

May Movies

May 4th

*Avengers: Infinity War

When it comes to 2018 movies this might be the one movie geeks are most excited for (unless I have already said that three times, no idea, this is my 28th draft).

Featuring a cast of 963 Marvel characters, the expected runtime of this film is 374 minutes (I made both those numbers up), expect big things from Infinity War (and the death of at least ONE major character. I predict Iron Man or Captain America).

May 18th


Yes, I drew the above picture and it is on sale for $1,243.00, over here.

Though this internet creepypasta may have run its course for most people already (2012 called and wants its monster back), still curious to see what they can do with the legend.

May 25th

*Solo: A Star Wars Story

I am so glad they ditched the above concept art I sent them.

So we finally get the eagerly anticipated Han Solo prequel movie that will show us the Kessel run. So much drama went on backstage with firing directors and such, we hope it doesn’t affect the quality of final product.

June Movies

June 1st

*Deadpool 2

What else do I need to say other than Deadpool 2?

Nothing. That shit is so good it sells itself.

June 15th

*The Incredibles 2

This is one of those rare sequels that took too long but we ALL are still gonna go see it anyways because it is LONG overdue!

And Pixar can’t fail at this point (as long as they stop making those stupid Cars movies).

June 22nd

*Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Spoiler alert because I played a dinosaur in this movie, Blue dies. Not kidding. Check back when it comes out and tell me I’m wrong. I am telling you now so it doesn’t hit you in the feels too hard.


So we get the same lead cast from the last movie PLUS Jeff Goldblum returns? Yes sir, I’ll buy THAT for a dollar!

Man, June is STACKED this year, movie-wise. Movie wise rhymes with blue dies. I should be a rapper.

July Movies

July 4th

*The Purge: The Island

So um, I am guessing this year’s Purge takes place on an island?

Cool, I guess.

July 6th

*Ant-Man and the Wasp

Because, you know, Marvel doesn’t have ENOUGH movies coming out this year.

BUT, Ant-Man DID steal all the Civil War scenes he was in so this one could be another pleasant surprise.

July 13th

*The Nun

The Nun looks like Marilyn Manson. Proof they might be one and the same:

I am only mentioning this Conjuring 2 spinoff because it just HAPPENS to come out on a Friday the 13th, which is kinda cool for a horror flick.

July 20th

*Alita: Battle Angel

This is one of my favorite anime movies of all time, so I am a little scared (and the giant eye look they went for is very odd, though true to anime) but James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez are at the helm so it will be good.

I hope.

August Movies

August 3rd

*The Predator

One of my favorite writers and directors alive (Shane Black) is making a new Predator movie with a killer cast. You KNOW this one is gonna be gold.


August 10th


A movie about the hated daughter on Family Guy or a movie about a giant killer megaladon shark?

At the end of the day, is there really any difference between those two concepts?

September Movies

September 21st

*The House with The Clock in it’s Walls

THEY ARE FINALLY MAKING A MOVIE OUT OF MY FAVORITE SCARY BOOK SERIES I READ AS A KID (and honestly, superior books to the Harry potter novels and these came FIRST).

Cannot wait to finally see this on the big screen and not just in my head when I read it.

*Goosebumps 2

I’m not even sorry to say the first Goosebumps movie was mindless fun, and with Jack Black back on board, this sequel will probably be just as mindlessly fun as the first.

Please don’t make fun of me. We all like some “extra cheese” with our nachos sometimes, and that is just what this series is.

October Movies

October 5th


Is anyone else as excited as me that they are REALLY making an R-rated, sci-fi horror movie starring Tom Hardy as the most badass Spider-Man villain ever? A Venom movie, REALLY?!!!!


Shit’s gonna be bonkers!

October 19th


Hell yes. 2018 is the year we get the Danny McBride reboot (second reboot of the series) of Halloween, and just in time for actual Halloween.

Prediction: The Halloween remake next year will beat the numbers It (the movie IT) made its opening weekend this year (which was a shit-ton of money, BTW).

November Movies

November 2nd

*X-Men: Dark Phoenix

I have not been nuts about Sophie Turner’s take on Jean Grey, but am still curious to see if this story can pay proper homage to the amazing storyline it has taken from in the X-Men comic (which they only slightly touched upon in the first three films).

November 16th

*Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Of all the movies coming out in 2018 it is good to see some lighthearted stuff on the list, too.

The first Fantastic Beasts movie was fun (though not as good as Harry Potter series that spawned it) and the sequel looks like it could be a nice little escape from the stress of our modern lives.

Plus it has Johnny Depp as ‘sexy Colonel Sanders’, so that is cool I guess?

November 21

*Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it-Ralph 2

Writing for ForeverGeek should indicate pretty clearly that I am a geek, and for me, Wreck-it-Ralph was the perfect geek movie for the way it blended video games with movies, so that (and the weird subtitle) of this has me ready to hit start on the controller one more time.

Wow, these terrible puns will be my downfall.

December Movies

December 14th

*Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Believe it or not, the above shot IS from the trailer of the movie!

Hate to say it, but this animated movie looks far better than the last few Spider-Man reboots have tuned out (also very cool they are showing us the Spider-Verse which if you don’t know, consists of about 1000 different version of Spider-Man).

We better see Spider-Man 2099 in there!

*Mortal Engines

Having never read the book this movie is based on, I know little other than Peter Jackson is making it and the trailer makes it look like Mad Max meets Star Wars meets every good video game ever made.

Cool sidenote: the 3D in the trailer (it played before Last Jedi) was some of the best 3D I have ever seen.

December 21st


Not a HUGE fan of DC movies in last few years, but Jason Momoa’s take on Aquaman is badass and I think dude can definitely carry a whole movie on his back (probably literally, dude is huge).

Still though, never forget he is a fishman, which is a merman, which is essentially a mermaid, so don’t let him intimidate you.


I HATE HATE HATE the Michael Bay Transformers movies with a deep seated passion I usually reserve for child molesters, but the fact that John Cena is in this new one, it is based on generation one Bumblebee from the Transformers, AND takes place in the 80’s means this one MIGHT actually end up being decent.

Doubt it, though, just being real with y’all.

December 25th

*Bohemian Rhapsody

Another movie plagued by backstage drama (director was a creeper), we hope this one can truly pay homage the greatest frontman of all time, Freddie Mercury of Queen (and with Rami Malek or Mr. Robot playing him, that alone will get me there).

That pic alone is insane. He NAILS it.

Another quick spoiler alert: He dies of AIDS in the movie. I mean, you already knew that, right? You’re not one of those people who were shocked when the Titanic sank during Titanic, right? RIGHT??!!! This is part of our history, you SHOULD know it, dammit!

Okay, one more to end one more pleasant note….

Mary Poppins Returns….

…And this time SHE IS OUT FOR BLOOD!

Okay, that’s not true but I thought it would be a really cool way to end the list.

Hope you enjoyed our 2018 movie calendar. Any movies on your radar we missed? Hit us up, let us know, we just might add your suggestion and give you a shoutout!

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