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2018 TV Shows to Keep an Eye Out For

A lot of people have called the last five-ten years the NEW television renaissance (meaning TV has never been as good as it is RIGHT now) and with shows like Game of Thrones, Ozark, and Stranger Things, who can really argue that? The caliber of TV we get now is equivalent (if not better than) most modern films, and you get to watch TV from the comfort of your own home with no pants on (which is always a bonus for me, at least).

But we are ALMOST at a point where there is too MUCH good TV out there. So much so, it can be daunting to try to pick what is worth watching and what is worth skipping. With that in mind, we have put together this list of 2018 TV shows that EVERYONE needs to watch, period.

Keep in mind, we’re sticking with shows that will speak to our site demographic, A.K.A. geeks like us, so if some show about politics or another cop show you can’t wait for doesn’t make the cut, you know why. I am as excited for season two of Mindhunter as you, but you won’t see it on this list. 

Happy (January 10)

This batshit insane show has already started and speaking only on behalf of myself, I find it freaking fantastic. About a man (played brilliantly by Christopher Meloni) who loses his mind and begins to see an animated character who helps egg him on to do increasingly more violent and insane things.

Just buckle in for this one, it is NOT for the kiddies (despite the cute, animated flying horse the show features prominently).

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (January 12)

Following the success of Black Mirror we have another anthology show dealing with heavy and often very dark themes, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (title from the Dick novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which in turn, was turned into the movie Blade Runner) has an astounding cast and the stories it is taking from are the stuff of nightmares.

The show will feature different stories written by the sci-fi genius, all done as individual stories each episode (like the aforementioned Black Mirror, which just returned with a BANG, btw).

And this show marks the return of Bryan Cranston to TV (even if only for ONE episode). Yup, a win for all!

Black Lightning (January 16)

From the taboo back to geek TV shows, here we have Black Lightning. Now granted, I REALLY don’t like how black superheroes get CALLED black (Black Panther, Black Lightning etc), as it seems very tacky and old-school racist to me, but whatever. No one else seems bothered so I will just skim past that.

I will admit, this show does NOT look like it can live up to the Netflix Marvel shows, but I would be lying if I were to say I am not gonna at least give this DC show a go (though it looks so cheesy that lactose intolerant people are being suggested not to watch it).

Altered Carbon (February 2)

Kinda crazy to see how prolific science fiction seems to be in the 2018 TV show lineup. Altered Carbon is another story that is taken from a very popular science fiction book that has been loved for ages now.

This Netflix show will focus on a world where our consciousness can be put inside new bodies, therefore making death a thing of the past (but opening up a whole slew of new issues and crisis’ in the process).

DEFINITELY holding out hope this one can live up to the source material.

Atlanta, Robbin Season 2 (March 1)

Ever since the days of Community, I have been telling people Donald Glover was a genius. From his stand up to his rap career (as Childish Gambino) the man has never had a misstep. With Atlanta (and him being the showrunner of a new Deadpool show coming soon, AND his role in the new Han Solo movie as young Lando, AND this show), everyone finally f*cking realized I was right the whole damn time.

And considering the new season of one of the best shows from last year debuts the same months as my Birthday, I am considering Atlanta season 2 to be a birthday gift from the universe to me.

Nice to see dude finally getting the props he’s deserved this whole time. Look at that facial expression^. Dude is the shit and he knows it, good on him!

Jessica Jones Season 2 (March 8)

Come on, Netflix! What the hell? I have had 2 Daredevil seasons, a full Punisher season, and 2 seasons of shows with Iron Fist (meh) but you can’t make a second season of one of your best shows yet? STEP IT UP!

Thankfully, the second season of this Marvel show is set to premiere in 2018 and continue the story of survivor/detective/mutant/drunk/sexy badass Jessica Jones. Sorry to go all shallow on you but she is REALLY easy to look at, real talk.

Also read: Things We Love About Netflix’s Jessica Jones

Here’s praying Kilgrave is not in his, um, actual grave yet, despite how the first season ended (as David Tennant owned that role and was a big part if what made it work so well).

Krypton (March 21)

Though some of us are slightly on the fence about this, myself included (I smell slow-burn political drama), there is definitely some intrigue about this 2018 TV show that takes us to Superman’s birth planet before everything there went to hell.

But we have Supergirl, we have Smallville, and before that, we had the SUPER LAME Adventures of Lois and Clark, so if those prior ones are any example, we will be getting more drama than action here, too.

Still though, cool concept and curious to see what they can do with it. As long as Superman doesn’t cameo and scream MARTHA this one could turn out alright.

Siren (March 29)

I know very little about the Freeform network (does anyone?) but Siren looks to be a VERY intriguing show that plays with the idea of mermaids as real things (and maybe not necessarily good things) making an attempt to reclaim the sea as their domain.

Yeah, sounds weird as hell, but weird does not mean bad. Hell, weird can be awesome. There is a show about an animated horse that tells a man to kill people on this list so weird is the last thing we pass judgment on here at ForeverGeek.

Lemony Snicket Season 2 (March 30)

I can’t bring up 2018 TV shows and not mention the return of one of my favorite shows from last year. Neil Patrick Harris utterly shines (and is clearly having a great time) as Count Olaf in this recent Lemony Snicket retelling, and the young cast and visual style of the show really capture the magic of the book series perfectly.

Here’s hoping the second season can live up to the perfection that was season one.

Legion Season 2 (April)

Duh, this one goes without saying. Season one of this mature Marvel show was pure magic. At this point, I am not even sure how they intend to top it (but with Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley at the wheel, he will manage to top it because that is what the man does, he has a gift).

Of all the 2018 TV shows, the second season of THIS show might just be the show I am most excited about. Expect this one to land around Springtime, which is when I will wake up after I hibernate for the next three months.

Oh, one more thing about 2018 TV shows…

Lost in Space (May)

Netflix is going to try to reboot this old 50’s sci-fi series about a family who is (wait for it, wait for it…) lost in space, even though it already got rebooted into a terrible movie once not very long ago.

But from what I have heard, Netflix is just throwing money at these people so the show might actually turn out alright.

Just please don’t hire any former ‘Friends’ stars like the movie did, okay? Joey Tribbiani in space was not a good call.

Taboo Season 2 (TBA)

Yes, Taboo was a very, um, taboo show. It was dark and weird and it had revenants and witches and incest and stuff, but it also had Tom Hardy, and there is not a man alive right now who is more compelling to watch or has more talent than Tom Hardy so I couldn’t leave this off the list.

Even though this show is DECIDEDLY not for everyone.

Galaxy Quest (TBA)

I am just as scared for this show as I am stoked because the movie was SO GOOD (and The Orville has this niche cornered already with the whole “Star Trek satire on TV” thing) so I don’t see HOW this Amazon show could live up the movie that spawned it.

BUT (and you know me and my juicy buts)…

If the show is even HALF as good as the movie was, it will still be pure magic. THAT is how good Galaxy Quest was, so here’s hoping the new cast can recapture the genuine chemistry of the first.

The Umbrella Academy (TBA)

Did you know the lead singer of the emo band My Chemical Romance made a comic book? Did you know the comic book was freaking AWESOME? Did you know Netflix is adapting said comic book into a 2018 TV show?

Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Umbrella Academy is about a ragtag group of kids and adults (think X-Men meets Hellboy meets Goonies and you have an idea) who come together to fight evil. It is absurd and funny and surreal and though I think an animated show would have been a better angle (there is a talking chimp for God’s sakes) I am still REALLY excited to see one of my favorite recent comics come to life.

Ozark Season 2 (TBA)

All my feelings about this spectacular show are right here, so catch up! Cannot wait to see season two prove my “this is the new Breaking Bad” theory for once and for all.

Yes, it is THAT good.

Castle Rock (TBA)

An original show with an awesome cast produced by J.J. Abrams about the town where all of Stephen King’s best work takes place? WHAT??!!!!

Yes please, I’ll take two to go, right now! This Hulu original cannot come soon enough (which is the OPPOSITE of what my girlfriend says about me). When I heard the kid who played Pennywise in IT signed on for this show, I instantly got even more excited.

This tops my list this year (and this list) for a reason!

The First (TBA)

Just the fact that Sean Penn will be on this Hulu show puts it on the radar alone, but the premise has some real legs to stand on.

Exploring what life is like for one of the first, established Mars colonies.

Though only an 8 episode mini-series still wrapped in mystery, it is still a show we are very eager to see and hear more about First soon.

Queen of Shadows (TBA)

Though we know very little about Queen of Shadows thus far (that was the right time to use thus, for sure), we do know this will be Hulu attempting to make their own Game of Thrones style epic.

Problem is, there can be only one TRUE king of the North, and we all know who that already is. But here’s hoping Queen of Shadows can even be a third as good as the amazing saga that inspired it. The books are supposed to be really good so that is good jumping off point and bodes well for the series.

Good Omens (TBA)

After the popularity of American Gods, it makes sense we would get another geek tv show based off the wonderfully creative work of Neil Gaiman (and the genius Terry Pratchett), and Good Omens is that show.

All you really need to know to be sold on this show is that stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant. If you need more than that to get stoked, you are not a real geek.

Kidding, we all like different stuff, there is no right or wrong and this is a judgment-free zone. Kind of.

Cloak and Dagger (TBA)

I will admit, as a comic book fan growing up I was not a huge fan of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, but they have spit out some great Marvel shows lately (Punisher, Legion, Gifted) so I am definitely on board to give this one a shot at least.

May not be at the top of my ‘must-see tv shows 2018’ list, but this YA looking pseudo-drama definitely has its own appeal, and the Marvel brand can only help at this point.

~Dishonorable Mention~

Son of Zorn (Canceled by the DEMONS AT FOX)

Fox should be drawn and quartered for dropping the best animated show they have had since the Simpsons and Futurama. Yes, I just said that, and if Adult Swim doesn’t pick this show back up, I will revolt and take all of you with me. I have swords, you know? Big ones.

Rest in peace, mighty Zorn. If nothing else, I have your unopened Funko toy that will one day be worth hundreds when people realize how genius and ahead of your time your show was.

*Does Zephyrian chant of mourning.

What shows did I miss? Make sure to hit me up here and here and tell me how terrible I did so I can sob in the shower.

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