There’s been a lot of news and rumors about the next-gen consoles coming later this year, it’s going to be hard to decide which console to get if you’re only picking one.

Xbox Series X has some killer features like instant resume for multiple games at one time and the PS5 will focus on high definition 3D audio.

There’s certainly more that will be revealed as we get closer to the launch date, what we do know now is how powerful these new consoles are going to be, Microsoft and Sony have both shared their GPU processing power to the public.

The Gaming Setup has created a handy-dandy reference chart to show just how powerful the new consoles are in comparison to past generations. This chart is sorted in GFLOPS, what’s a GFLOP you ask?

A GFLOP is used as a measure of processing power, the more GFLOPS and GPU has the faster it can do math. All those polygons, lighting and animation you see in a game are made up of math equations, so the faster your console can process math, the more effects or frames your console can push.

While GFLOPS are a good measure of power, we can’t declare a winner just yet. Factors such as features, services, and game library are going to play a huge factor in which console ends up coming out on top. Even referencing this chart, we can see the most powerful console doesn’t always win the generation.

Which console are you leaning towards?

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