The holidays are almost near, and it’s high time to prepare for the season. Say hello to twinkly lights, cheerful music, scrumptious food, and awesome gifts! So if you still don’t know what gifts to get your geeky loved ones, check this out for the best gifts for geeks!

Comic Book Christmas Ornament

Comic Book Christmas Ornament

This unique and creative Christmas ornament is perfect for any comic geek out there! Each ornament contains different comic strips, so each one is a surprise!

Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Collector Looksee Box

Naruto Box

Naruto lovers will have a blast going through the contents of this collector’s gift box. Each box contains 5 Akatsuki-themed items. So celebrate your love for Naruto!

Wall Art Print Geek Poster

Geeky Wall Art

Check out this funky, geeky wall art poster printed on actual vintage dictionary pages that are over 80 years old! They make excellent decorations for the home or the office, and show off the art lover in you!

Pac-Man Wall Clock

Pac Man Clock

You can’t get any geekier than this out-of-this-world Pac-Man wall clock. One look at this gift, and it will take you back to your teenage days, playing Game Boy the whole day!

Tokyo Ghoul Sweatshirt

Tokyo Ghoul Sweatshirt

Express your love for Ken Kaneki and his alter ego with this sweatshirt that’s as crazy as this character! The design depicts the duality of his character that cannot get any more accurate.

Schrödinger’s Cat in a Box

Schrodingers Cat in a Box

This is perfect for science geeks, philosophy enthusiasts, or cat lovers. It is the world’s most famous thought experiment turned gift! Open the box to find out if the cat is dead or alive!

Kunai Box Set

Kunai Set

Anime collectors will go crazy over this Kunai box set. Made with top-quality, engraved metal, they’re also perfect for cosplays, comic cons, and/or Halloween!

Silicone Floppy Disk Coaster

Floppy Disk Coasters

Give your computer geek loved one a blast from the past with these vintage-looking silicone floppy disk coasters. They’re quirky, colorful, and a lot of fun!

Kikkerland KIT005 Geeky Gear Gift Set

Geeky Gear Gift SetGet this Geeky Gear Gift Set to the special men in your life. Each set contains Chevron Earbuds, an 8-in-1 Screwdriver, an i6/i7 & Micro USB 2-In-1 Cable, and a Spinney Wind-Up. It’s every techy guy’s dream!

Shakespearean Insults 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar

Shakespearean Calendar

Get your crazy friends this Shakespearean Insults 2022 Calendar, and share some laughs, banter, and shocking digs. Literary and history geeks will also have fun with clever turns of these Shakespearean phrases!

Anime-Themed Neon Signs

Cinnamoroll Neon Sign

Get some kawaii neon signs for your anime-loving friends and family. Take this quirky Cinnamoroll neon sign as an example. Sailor Moon

But wait! There are more Japanese-themed designs that you can get your hands on like Mewtwo, Pikachu, and Sailor Moon!

Pizza Box Socks

Pizza Box Socks

Giving away socks as gifts can get pretty boring, but not with this Pizza Box Sock set! It’s a new and exciting new way to recreate socks this Christmas!

Waving Sasquatch Bigfoot Laser Cut Statue

Bigfoot Statue

Give your office desk a little oomph with this awesome laser-cut statue of Sasquatch (or more commonly known as Bigfoot!). Turn this furry little thing from folklores into something real. It’s even a great conversation starter!

Workplace Survival Tin

Workplace Tin

Take this odd but useful gift to work, and your colleagues will surely appreciate it! It’s got everything you need to “survive” at the office such as coffee (duh!), rubber bands, earplugs, tissue, and more!

Personalized Comic Strip

Personalized Comic Strip

Be extra thoughtful and clever with this personalized comic strip. Who says comics aren’t for real life, right? Just give the guys over at MakeMeAComic your favorite photos and story, and they will turn it into the work of art it deserves to be!

Star Trek Christmas Ornament

Make It Snow

Have a geeky Christmas with this Captain Picard ornament that demands to “make it snow”. It will be the perfect addition to any geeky or sci-fi-themed Christmas tree, don’t you agree?

Oddish Planter

Oddish Planter

If you’re into succulents and gaming, this is the perfect gift for you! Each planter is made by 3D printing, and comes in all sorts of colors and sizes. You can even get a whole collection for your garden!

Jörmungandr’s Venom Dice Set with Velvet Bag

D&D Dice Set

The World Serpent, deity of the lizardfolk and child of Loki, has stomach bile filled with Eitr, a primordial ooze that is said to be deadly to the gods. It is a vibrant toxic shade of blueish green sludge that, lucky for you, is filled in this beautifully-colored D&D dice set.

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Box

D&D Dice Box

Speaking of D&D, this handmade dice box will go well with the dice set above. It’s the perfect gift for avid D&D players since no two boxes are ever alike.

3D Printed USB Flash Drive, SD and Micro SD Card Holder

USB Holder

Never lose a flash drive or SD card ever again with this thoughtful holder. Plus, it has a quote by Aristotle engraved on it, making it extra *thought*-ful. If you know what I mean.

Ramen Noodles Neon Sign

Ramen Neon Sign

This Ramen Neon Sign might look great in bars or restaurants, but it would also make a perfect gift for ramen lovers or anyone with a love for Japanese culture.

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