22 ways to reduce computer eyestrain

If you, like yours truly, spend a lot of time by your computer, then you have probably felt at least once a burning pain in your eyes, or blurry vision. Thankfully, there are small exercises or things you can to help reduce this pain and prevent CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer?

Ever rub your eyes and want to stop working?

You may be experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), the official diagnosis given to a range of symptoms that include:

  • burning
  • dry and strained eyes
  • headache
  • neck ache
  • blurred vision

CVS, more commonly known as computer eyestrain, is due to over- or misuse of computer monitors, bad lighting and other environmental and ergonomic factors.

Stubborn, persistent, and regular physical discomfort due to one or more of these symptoms cuts your productivity sharply over time.

Another small tip that I use from time to time is close your eyes once in a while and roll them around with your eyelids closed. This helps maintain your eyes humid and also lets them rest a little bit.

Via lifehacker

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