3 Cosplayers With Awesome Eyes

Editor’s note: This post was written by Rob Doole, managing director at Eyesbright.com, check out his latest updates on Google+.

Cosplay is getting seriously popular.  Following on from the mega geek love – caused in part by the Big Bang Theory, we’d even go so far as to say that it’s not far off reaching mainstream popularity status.  One of the main factors in really nailing that costume is, of course, the eyes. If the eyes aren’t right, then the whole outfit can be thrown off.  Cosplay is all about detail, after all (if you want a killer example, check out the child predator costume here).  Today, we’re going to take a look at three kick-ass Cosplayers that have absolutely nailed their look, eyes and all!

Meagan Marie – Daenerys Targaryen

As you might have noticed, Game of Thrones is absolutely godamn everywhere.  It was no surprise, therefore, to see cos-players everywhere immediately leaping at the chance to emulate their favourite characters.  Practically every GoT character has a unique visual look, but it’s no surprise that Daenerys Targaryen has become one of the most popular overall.  Part loving mother, part merciless military leader and part feminist icon, Daenerys is an absolute ass-kicker.

Meagan Marie never fails to look the part, and her Stormborn costume really does look legitimate.  One of the toughest parts of the Daenerys costume is, of course, replicating the beautiful sand-white locks that the Targaryen family is known for.  Meagan’s creativity came to the fore here: she used her creative skills to style a quality Arda Wig, and did an absolutely great job.

For those beautiful deep purple eyes, Meagan used Vivid Violet contact lenses from Eyesbright.com.  Of course, we can’t finish without commenting on the outfit itself, which looks absolutely superb. Unfortunately, Meagan has yet to release the details of how she nailed the look, but we’re on tenterhooks!  A wonderfully accurate outfit.


NiKKiNeVeRMORe has virtually perfected the cyber-goth look, constantly pushing the envelope in terms of progression and style.  One particularly awesome look she developed within the last couple of years was this pink and black outfit from the Evolution Division.  Consisting of a crop-top, mini skirt and fluffy, thigh-high boots (not to mention shocking pink hair), it’s a real, genuine eye-catcher.  The final, other-worldly touch comes from Eyesbright, who supplied NiKKi with the all-black Sabretooth 22mm Sclera contact lenses.  The professional-standard Sabretooth lenses are designed to render the eyes completely black whilst still allowing the user full 20/20 vision.  It’s this telling addition that takes the outfit from unique to totally one-of-a-kind.

The look as a whole is also heavily influenced by the Japanese anime style, which shares a lot of unique visual characteristics with the cyber-goth look.  For another great example, check out this stunning blue and white-outfit.

Soni Aralynn – Spider Girl

Spider-man, spider-man, does whatever a…woah.  Soni Aralynn has always pulled off killer looks (taking on everything from Judge Dredd to the Power Rangers, and check out this three-in-one shot of some of her best get-ups), but her Spider Girl costume is perhaps the best of the lot.  The stunning red-hair perfectly accentuates the costume itself, which is a wonderful, authentic piece of work perfectly in-keeping with the traditions of the character. Spiderman is simply too much of a legend to mess with, so a classic costume was always going to be the right approach.

One of the reasons that this particular look works so well is the colour-co-ordination. The blues and reds have been carried through every part of the look, from Soni’s gorgeous red hair through to the gloves. Even Soni’s eyes look the part.  Using Blizzard Contact Lenses, which have that perfectly piercing icy blue and black combination, Soni’s provided the perfect final touch.

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