If you are anything like the rest of us, when you first saw the Mountain on Game of Thrones, you probably thought he was made larger using CG or something, but that simply wasn’t the case. the man who plays the Mountain on GOT is named Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson (his ACTUAL nickname is Thor, no joke) and he is not shopped or CG’d or altered digitally in any way. The man is just a beast who comes from a family of beasts. He almost won the’ strongman’ contest on multiple occasions and makes his living flipping over logs and throwing boulders when he is not murdering people and thumb fucking their eye sockets on Game of Thrones. But here comes the really daunting part. As you can see above, he is not some giant who hulks over his family during dinner or anything.

Matter of fact, seems him and his Dad and Grandfather are all around the same height (which is close to seven feet tall, each, with Dad seeming to be tallest by a hair). Seems he was a basketball player before realizing he could use his giant like strength to help cripple kingdoms and maul innocents at the beck and call of Cersei.

I’ll be honest. This pic has me wondering what the women in their family look like. They are either tall, stunning, Scandinavian princesses, or they are as scary as these guys. Either way, I would ride that train, you only live once (unless you are the Mountain, at which point, you live twice, which is a great note to end this on.)


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