3 Room Improvements to Take Your Gaming Experience to The Next Level

Gaming is life—it’s as simple as that. But for many gamers who spend hours of their day in the comforts of their chair or couch, there’s little more to their gaming experience than their console and screen. If you’re a true gamer, you’ve got to play the part.

One thing that can really take your gaming to the next level is creating your own gaming environment, complete with features and functions that can keep you comfortable for hours while also facilitating the best gaming possible. But while you may be thinking that only those who own their own home can really give themselves the gaming experience of their dreams, it’s actually easier than you might think to create a gaming space fit for a king in a rental or leased property. To show you how, here are three room improvements anyone can make that will kick their gaming up a notch.

Light it Up

The lighting of your gaming space is crucial to your ability to enjoy the experience for an extended amount of time. Looking at a screen for long periods, whether it’s a TV screen or a computer screen, can make your eyes crazy tired and sore. However, by simply adjusting the lighting of your room, you can improve your eyes’ ability to take in the light and play comfortably for longer than you ever thought possible.

For the best lighting, Jason Fitzpatrick. a contributor to HowToGeek.com, recommends installing some form of bias lighting in order to give your eyes the right amount of light. Bias lighting is when you have lights coming from behind your screen, resulting in the screen causing less strain on the eyes because the contrast isn’t so stark. There are tons of different ways you can install lights behind your screen to give you the bias lighting you need to create the perfect atmosphere in your gaming room. Find the brightness or type of light you like and get it set up behind your screen to see your eye stamina increase immensely.

Contain the Chaos

Depending on the type of gaming you do, the amount of cord chaos in your gaming area will vary. And while right now you might be thinking that you don’t mind having your cords fall where they may around your room, you’d be surprised what bringing a little order into your gaming space can do for your focus and attention.

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Because different people have different cord problems, cord and wire management styles will vary. Some of the most popular options, according to Emily Burns Morgan of BobVila.com, include using cable boxes, charger units, identifiers, wraps, and ties to wrangle up your wires. Not only will controlling this clutter help your gaming room feel more finished, but it will also keep you and any of your guests safe from the hazards of tripping on or pulling out your cables.

Silence the Sound

While you probably enjoy blasting the sound that comes from your game, those around you might not be so appreciative. So, to allow you the freedom to play as loud as you want without having to hear your roommates or neighbors complain, bring some soundproofing into your space.

Soundproofing can be done in a number of ways. For the most affordable options, RedBeacon advises using spray foam, carpet or drapes to block out the maximum amount of noise with your wallet taking a minimal hit. Once you know your noise is contained to your room only, feel free to crank it up and test out just how effective your soundproofing measures are.

If you spend a lot of your free time gaming at home, you deserve to have a space where you can relax and comfortably enjoy your hobby. Consider implementing the tips mentioned above to create a gaming oasis within the walls of your own home without too much work or money spent.

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