3 Things That Sucked and 3 Things That Ruled about Netflix Daredevil

Oh, Netflix Daredevil. I do not know what to make of thee. On one hand, when comparing you to the DC shows like Arrow, you clearly kick the most ass. You do not water down your show and clearly are not aiming it at teens, which works in your favor. But in the same breath, you do some things that just don’t work and keep the show from crossing over into “full awesome” territory. With the whole season behind me, I can now judge the show for its merits and flaws. I have come to the realization there is an equal mix of both. Here are 3 things that sucked and 3 things that kicked ass about Netflix Daredevil (and one thing I am really on the fence about still).

First The Sucked:

The Golored Gels Used For Lighting

So all of Hell’s Kitchen essentially looks like it is glowing a piss yellow or a lime green, huh? No one has curtains on their apartments, and the friggin’ place is always glowing like it’s located next to a nuclear plant. I understand these colored gels (director term when using special filters for lighting) are used for mood, but my god they are distracting and visually unappealing here. The director of Drive (Refn) knows how to use neon lights for mood and effect wonderfully.

Daredevil is the opposite of that, and it’s annoying.

Final Outfit

Sorry to say it, but waiting thirteen episodes for that outfit reveal was a joke. It would not have been a joke had the suit looked cool, but the f*cking thing has eyelids. Leather eyelids. Come on? I understand it from a body armor perspective, but outside of that, it looks kind of foolish. Like, did they ALREADY jump the shark? Truth is, I have been mocking him a little bit on Vine lately….


Reality is, the costume used through most of the season with the black mask was one of the coolest and most realistic costumes I have ever seen, and think they should’ve kept it (though the lack of eye holes should have made it pretty clear who man under the mask was).


Sorry, don’t mean to be mean to an actor just because he is awkward and ugly (as I am both of those as well) but something, natch, everything about the Foggy character goes up my ass. He is difficult to look at, whining all the time, the show wants us to buy that inexplicably hot women want to sleep with him, and he is mad at his blind friend for being a kick-ass crime fighter.

Maybe he will grow on me, but for now, I just wanna slap Foggy in the face with a dead fish. Why a dead fish? If you watched the show you would know he loves drunken fish auctions. Yup, pure WTF to that guy.

The Good:

The Fights

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B66feInucFY&w=640&h=360]

I know the fight in the second episode was pretty much a direct one-shot ripoff from Oldboy, but I kinda didn’t care. Why? Because the fight scene was THAT good. You don’t often see fight scenes like that outside of the movie theater, and Daredevil’s fights are often perfectly choreographed action ballets that just kick ass. This leads me to my second point about what works so well on this show….

The Gore and Violence

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEW53_5donY&w=640&h=360]

I’m sorry, but Marvel loves to play it safe when it comes to their material. They want it all mass-consumed by as large an audience as possible, and this often means making and keeping it all safe. Netflix Daredevil says “screw that shit” and people get their bones broken and heads smashed in and one dude even impales his own face on a friggin’ fence pole. You NEVER see that level of violence represented in Marvel, and honestly, here it is a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of deliciously fresh air…..

Rosario Dawson

I am sorry. Not to get all shallow here, but that woman is like watching a painting from the renaissance come to life. She is beauty incarnate, so to see her playing Claire always brought a smile to my face. Yes, she may not have been on the show enough. And yes, they may have pretended to write her off (they didn’t by the way, she is in the now confirmed season two), but she brought an heir of class and elegance to this otherwise bloody, bright neon show.

One Final Spit Decision:

Vincent D’Onofrio

I love this man as an actor. Full Metal Jacket to Chained, he is utterly mesmerizing on-screen, especially when he plays a bad guy. BUT, the “sensitive and tortured” mad man he plays the Kingpin as I am still not sold on. He is a little TOO emo so far, and his love story is just such an odd thing to put in a show where he is the bad guy.

Here’s hoping season two shines with a little less neon and little bit better show overall, but off to a great start, especially for a blind guy. Speaking of comic books…..

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