3 Tips for Organizing Your Fandom Memorabilia in Your Geek Lair

You’re a nerd, loud and proud. You’ve got mountains of memorabilia covering the walls, floors, shelves, and closets of your geek lair that support your favorite fandoms of all time. And while you’re proud of the plethora of comic books, posters, DVDs/Blu-rays, and apparel you’ve been able to amass, that amount of merchandise can sometimes be overwhelming.

You need to get all that stuff organized in a way to showcase everything perfectly. No, you’re not OCD…but to help you better display your love of Spiderman, Sherlock, Star Wars, or whatever you geek out on, here are some tips for turning your space into the ultimate nerd lair and for organizing all your fandom memorabilia.

Create a Focal Point

Regardless of the theme of your room, in order to create a space that is cohesive, you need to have a focal point. According to About Home, having a solid focal point will re-energize your space and help you to draw attention to the area that you want as the main attraction. Because human eyes tend to follow lines in design, the focal point is usually where lines converge in your room.

How do you create this point which will undoubtedly cement your geek cred? 

Choose the piece of memorabilia that’s either your favorite or the largest, and place it in the area of your space that will draw the eye the fastest. This could be as simple of a map of Middle Earth on your wall or a coffee table engraved with the Batman symbol.

Maximize Your Space

Whether your space is large or small, organization is vital for displaying your items in the way they deserve. Michelle Lovrine Honeyager, contributor for RoomAndBath.com, suggests adding various shelving units and cases in order to best show off your merchandise, without having it prohibit you from having a functional room.

Depending on the amount of memorabilia you’ve collected, you could line the walls with shelves to hold your figures, toys, books and movies or just bring in a few shelves to give a sense of order to the chaos. Check out some of Honeyager’s example photos to get some inspiration for how to implement organizational units into your lair.

Give your room some TLC

When showing off your favorite show, movie or book, it’s easy to get carried away with your passion – quite understandably so.

However, if you rent your place (not all of us can afford our own house – yet!), decorating and renovating may need more consideration. According to Green Residential, landlords closely check flooring, walls and fire hazards when inspecting the property, so make sure you haven’t done anything to your geek lair that can get you in trouble with your landlord, including painting the walls, blocking exits, or harming the flooring. As an alternative to painting your walls – and to give your fandom an even more real-life representation – look for wall decals that you can stick on the wall rather than painting on them yourself.

Showcasing your love for something is a part of who you are, and by creating a space where you can be free to express that love for your chosen fandom, you’re giving yourself and others permission to geek out in the best possible environment.

So get some organizational shelves, some wall decals, and a focal point and get to work on setting up the nerd cave of your dreams!

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