3D Printing Just Keeps Getting Cooler and Cooler [LEGO Alert!]

The DIY culture may not be a default in many societies, but the advent of 3D printing certainly helps in making more people excited about creating things with their own hands. Of course, 3D printing is not exactly manual labor, but there is still something to be said about making something yourself.

And while 3D printing may not be a common household activity yet, with many machines and applications being used for commercial purposes, advances in this niche are making 3D printing more and more interesting for the average geek.


Take for example what LEGO is now considering. Recently, news came out that LEGO is mulling the possibility of allowing customers to take advantage of 3D printing to create their own bricks AND minifigs. Now, I dare you to tell me that isn’t the coolest thing you’ve heard today!

We already know that there are enterprising people who offer custom-made LEGO minifigs, but this is the first time that LEGO has given any indication that it is looking at official channels. Imagine being able to create your own bricks and minifigs!

Then there’s the possibility of 3D printing food. It isn’t exactly Star Trek’s replicator, but I suppose it’s as close as we can get at this point.

If you haven’t heard of the 3D printer called Foodini, then you might just be able to concoct all sorts of dishes without having to study under a master chef.


Foodini has a lot of potential, with the whole concept resting on the shoulders of empty food capsules, where you put fresh ingredients. These capsules are then turned into 3D-printed food. Just like LEGO’s 3D printing idea, Foodini is not yet within our grasp as it’s actually a Kickstarter project at the moment. (They have 25 days to go if you want to make Foodini a reality.)

From candy to fantasy weapon replicas to mini mes (yous) – 3D printing is all set to start a revolution; and with all sorts of materials being available for 3D printers, I think we will all have a 3D printer of some make or brand in the next year or so. I’ll settle for 3D-printed LEGO for this year. You?

Dennis Goldman is a professional blogger that provides that latest information on the development of custom rubber compounds. He writes for Elite Elastomers, a single stop solution for rubber and elastomeric compounds for high demand industries.

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