3D Blu-Ray Players from Mitisubishi - Can it really work?


Mitsubishi is looking to take Hi Def movie watching to the next level. Their new 3D Blu-Ray Players. These devices require that you wear 3D glasses that are apparently straight out of the 80s, according to Sci-Fi Tech. Now, what makes this interesting is that we’re not talking about movies shot for 3D. We’re talking about ANY Blu-Ray movie. The player will evidently convert existing movies to 3D on the fly.

I’m keeping a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude for this thing, but if they can pull this off – it will be a very interesting change of pace the next time I sit down to watch Brewster’s Millions (you know, assuming that’s ever released on Blu-Ray – and also assuming that I ever get ahold of one of these players).

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