3M Ergonomic Mouse looks odd but cuts RSI

By andy

The new Ergonomic Mouse from 3M may look like a joystick (or possibly something else, depending on how your mind works) and indeed it’s a tad odd for a mouse. However, it does tackle quite a serious issue for heavy computer users: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

RSI, which is a terrible condition, is alleviated by the user taking a vertical grip on the central column. This keeps the wrist locked and thus reduces pressure on the median nerve.

Think of how you held a joystick in your 8-bit gaming days, and then think about how you move a mouse around, and that’s pretty much how you control this thing. Sounds a tad weird, perhaps, but like any input device, it’s sure to be something you’d get used to over time.

The left and right buttons and a scroll wheel are available and fall under the fingers. Naturally it’s an optical mouse. It is designed for right-handers, with an extra large version available for people with large palms (over 8.9 cms). It’s USB wireless compatible and comes with two AAA batteries.

It’s certainly not the cheapest device going, coming in at around £145 (about $235).

Of course, heavy tech users already have a solution that reduces RSI, and that’s to reduce reliance on the mouse altogether. That can often be achieved by learning keyboard shortcuts for common tasks.

Would this replace your current mouse-pointing device?

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