4 Geeky Habits You Should Not Be Ashamed Of

I was reading Nopy’s post, 10 Socially Awkward but Likeable Anime Characters, when the geek stereotype hit me again. Socially awkward (inept, if you’re in a “frank mode”), obsessive compulsive, introverted – these are just some of the labels applied to geeks. Whether they are true or not, the post got me thinking about habits that are usually associated with geeks, and how, if you have these habits, you should NOT be ashamed of them.

There is the possibility that I am reacting a bit strongly to the existing stereotypes, but I thought it would be fun to list some geeky habits I have observed, geeky habits I think no one should be ashamed to admit they have.

Labeling household items

I have to say that I don’t know a lot of people who do this, but if it works for Dr. Sheldon Cooper, why shouldn’t it work for you? Labels are everywhere, and you can easily create your own or have someone print them out for you. Remember this?

Enough said.

Naming gadgets

I think this habit is not exclusive to geekdom. Some people just have a penchant for personification, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Even tough guys who wouldn’t touch geek with a 50-foot pole give their big, bad monster of an SUV names! Why should you be embarrassed to call your laptop AryaStark, for example?

Arranging app icons according to specific criteria

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Geeky habits sometimes have a lot of things in common with obsessive behavior, we have to admit that; and when it comes to the point, being very particular about how one’s apps are displayed on screen is a habit that I find endearing. Sometimes. There are times when it’s funny, bordering on the ridiculous, but most of the time, I think it’s a cute geeky habit. As long as you don’t touch my app arrangement!

Your turn: How are your app icons arranged on your phone/tablet? By color? Alphabetically? Frequency of use?

Blowing half a month’s paycheck on a trip to the bookstore

Guilty as charged. If there is one geeky habit that should really not embarrass you, it is this. Who cares if you spend more than you should buying a teeny weeny TARDIS replica? It lights up, ffs!

Who cares if your back almost breaks because of the heavy compendiums you just couldn’t resist? You’ll have hours and hours of endless pleasure.

Sure, you might have to survive on cup noodles and cheap takeaway till the next pay day, but your 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver will help you deal with hunger pangs, I am sure.

Your turn again: What do you think of these geeky habits? Do you have your own to add to the list?

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