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4 Great Gifts For Your Office’s Math Geek

Every office needs a resident math geek – without them, who would take care of the accounting or study your marketing KPIs for ways to improve conversion rates? Someone with a mind for numbers definitely has to be in charge of these tasks.

So when you want to show your appreciation for your favorite human calculator, you’ll need to channel your inner mathematician, or at least recall a few terms from high school algebra. But if math isn’t your strong point, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a few great ideas to get your started. Statistically speaking, these gifts are 100 percent likely to please.

For Abstract Thinkers and Discerning Drinkers

Most people, even those without a real interest in math, are familiar with the concept of a Mobius strip – that strange twisted shape that apparently only has one side. Well, if you take that concept a bit further, you run into another impossible shape known as the Klein bottle. Luckily, you don’t have to understand how this can be the case to appreciate this gift: a Klein bottle-shaped bottle opener. This gift is entertaining to look at, and paired with a six-pack of craft beers, it’s the perfect way to show your appreciation for a coworker or employee.

Keep It Clean and Calculated

Next time you stop by their office, take a look around: is your office’s math genius tied to their iPhone? If they’re Apple loyalists, then a set of iPhone icon coasters make a great gift. Make sure the set you buy includes the calculator, though. Even if the intended recipient can run numbers faster than a TI-84, they’ll appreciate seeing such a trusty tool represented there.


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Work Their Right Brain

Those with especially strong math skills are often referred to as being left-brain dominant, meaning their facility with numbers, logic, and abstract thinking is greater than their language and creative skills. While the brain is more complicated than that, you can help your master calculator stretch their right brain a bit with a book from Steven Strogatz.

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Strogatz is a professor at Cornell, but he’s written several popular texts, including “The Joy of X,” a book that explores the many hidden corners of the math world. Left-brained types often struggle to find mainstream books that speak to their favorite topics – writers themselves tend to be of the right-brained variety – so they’ll welcome this addition to their library.

Add Some Atmosphere

Everyone can use a little humor in their workspace, so if your officemate has wall space to spare, consider this nifty pizza poster. Focusing on math that even children can understand – pizzas are just “a fraction waiting to happen,” – the print will inject some humor into their décor. And unlike many other math gifts, even those with few numeracy skills can get in on this joke.

Pies, of course, are also fractions waiting to happen, although the lines aren’t so clear cut. With the rising popularity of “Pi(e) Day” celebrations, more people remember this constant that otherwise may have been relegated to their algebra notebook. Wish your coworkers a happy Pi Day with a pi-shaped pie poster.

Math may not be the most popular subject, but you can remind your favorite math geek that they’re plenty popular and exponentially appreciated with these gifts – and isn’t that what we all want?

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