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4 Power Rangers Crossovers to Rewatch

The recent season of Power Rangers just finished, but not without Beast Morphers featuring a much awaited crossover with the very first Red Ranger, Jason.

In this episode, Mighty Morphing and Dino Thunder join the current team. But this three-team crossover is just the latest in a long line of team-ups that never fail to delight fans. Nostalgia makes these meets work, with older rangers bantering fighting with new ones. So here are four more crossovers that you can rewatch.

Forever Red


10 Red Rangers in one episode? Wouldn’t mind seeing red if that is the case! This Power Rangers crossover should definitely be in your list. This Wild Force episode fit just right in the franchise’s 10 anniversary, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than bringing in Red Rangers from nine different generations (Time Force technically had two Red Rangers). It remains to be one of the biggest crossovers in Power Rangers, when talking about teams represented.

In this episode, Tommy Oliver (who has morphed in more ranger colors than anyone ever) recruits every Red Ranger in the franchise so far for a mission in space.

Once a Ranger


When the Overdrive Rangers lose their powers, legendary rangers are summoned to help. This episode celebrates the franchise’s 15th anniversary, and features representatives of five different generations of Power Rangers.

Legendary Ranger War


The biggest crossover in Power Rangers history is mostly made up of Japanese footage. Forever Red and Once a Ranger barely used scenes from Super Sentai, the Japanese origin of the US franchise. Meanwhile, the Legendary War in Power Rangers Super Megaforce was mostly from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, which was produced in time for the Japanese franchise’s 35th anniversary. Power Rangers used the footage and heavily departed from the story, but at least it gave fans the biggest Power Ranger crossover ever.

Dimensions in Danger


The 25th-anniversary special brought 10 legendary rangers to aid the Ninja Steel Rangers. This should cure your hangover after watching the massive Legendary Ranger War.

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