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4 Times Makeup Brought Comic Con Characters To Life

San Diego’s Comic-Con has plenty of attractions for fans, but one of everyone’s favorite is the characters. Seeing how the creative use of makeup and prosthetic molds come together to create these incredible portrayals of your favorite characters is a major draw for fans. Several makeup artists set up booths at the event and demonstrate their skills as they transform models into superheros, villians and other wild creations.

Gender-Bending Bizarro

Recent Cinema Makeup School graduate and makeup artist, Madison Burger was tasked with transforming an actress into the female-version of the Superman villain, Bizarro.

“Bizarro is a superman villain. He was cloned and in the cloning process kind of got messed up so he ends up being basically the bad version of Superman,” Burger explained. “Months really go into something like this, long time, a lot of sleepless nights,” Burger said. “It was probably three months from start to now.”

On the day of the demonstration, Burger worked on applying the makeup for about seven hours. Fortunately, she had created the custom prosthetics months in advance. Fifteen minutes before the exhibit hall was set to close, Burger was able to parade her finished creation around as fans cheered.

It isn’t just professionals that get into the makeup fun. Fans can also try their hand at creating a costume. Experts say a little imagination can go a long way. Brainstorm and get ideas from other fans with groups, like Spektra high-end cosmetics forum.

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Neytiri From Avatar

This transformation came right during the peak of Avatar hype. In fact, it was the video that launched the Nepalese makeup artist into the spotlight. Tamang Phan transformation into Neytiri is absolutely amazing. With more than 8 million views, several fans recreated her look for that year’s Comic-Con.

Phan has since created hundreds of other drastic looks. Completely unrecognizable in her videos, she has transformed into Adele, Pocahontas and even Michael Jackson. With millions of subscribers and views, she is definitely one of the best in the business when it comes to using makeup to bring a character to life!


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Pop Art Superheroes

Lianne Moseley is a Canadian makeup artist that has built a career of pulling characters straight of the comic book. Unlike Burger’s Bizarro creation, Moseley does not use prosthetics. Instead, she chooses to use only makeup and paint. Her transformations are unique because she makes the models look like two-dimensional illustrations, as if they simply stepped off the comic book page.

Comic-Inspired Eyes

Not all makeup transformation have to be head to toe. Some Comic-Con fans decide to just do subtle homages to their favorite characters. Makeup artists, such as Dawn Banks is obsessed with all things Comic-Con and her creations showcase that love. One of her most notable projects was her comic-inspired eyeshadow looks. It’s amazing how just focusing the eyes can portray a single character. Banks’ work has become highly sought after in the cosplay circuit and it is easy to see why.

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