4 Ways to Have a Geeky Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means a long weekend for most. Woohoo!

For many, this means parades, picnics, and the usual barbecue get-togethers. Others may not celebrate at all and just have a totally lazy weekend.

If you’re somewhere in between and want to do spice things up for Memorial Day Weekend, allow us to help you out.

Here are some ways to have a geeky Memorial Day Weekend.

Renaissance Fairs

Want to get out and enjoy the good old outdoors? Why not?

Renaissance fairs are held all year round all over the country, and there are a lot of choices during this time of the year. Is there a better thing to do to have a geeky Memorial Day weekend?

If you’re California, check out the Koroneburg Old World Festival. You can also look at an extensive list of Renaissance fairs here.

TV/movie marathon

If you’d rather stay inside and avoid people, we totally get it. There is so much to do indoors that one doesn’t really need to go out, right? All you need is to stock up on your favorite food and drink, and you’re all set.

Got Netflix? You have the TV/movie world at your fingertips.

Don’t know what to watch? Here are some great choices:

There is, of course, the option of watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter – or whatever franchise tickles your fancy – again.

Gaming tournament

Chances are you have friends who feel the same way as you do. They may or may not have expressed the same sentiments, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. You can ask them to join you for your watching marathon, or you can go the healthy route (why not?) and organize a gaming tournament.

Nevermind that it’s just you and your best friend (if it comes to that). It’s the thought, the company, and the game(s) that count.

No matter what console you decide to use – heck, use the iPad if you want to – just do an all weekender and play till you get RSI in record time.



If you can’t get out of the family gathering, time to get your tricky on. Volunteer to be the coordinator and LARP it up!

When (or if) anyone complains, tell them you’re the boss for the day so everyone suit up. It can go one of two ways:

  • You convert your family.
  • You’ll confirm their belief that you’re weird. But who cares?

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?

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