4th of July Sale Pick: Bang! The Official Video Game

With the 4th of July iTunes sale ongoing, I thought I’d recommend a game that doesn’t usually make it to the Top charts.

I was introduced to Bang! The Bullet rather late. If you’ve never heard of it, it is ONLY one of the most well-made card games in existence. Bang! is a spaghetti western up to 8 players where you take on different roles with varying objectives: The sheriff needs to eliminate the outlaws, the deputies need to assist their sheriff; the outlaws of course need to eliminate the good guys, while the sole renegade needs to be the last man standing to win. The catch is that all the roles, save the sheriff are made public and each player needs to discover — by trial and error and observation, who’s who.

When you get a good group going, you can easily do more than 5 games and catch the sunrise. The catch is of course, even though you can play the game with less than 8 players, completing the cast is the sweet spot for total hilarity.

And then they made the iPad / iPhone app.

Save for Scrabble and Monopoly, it’s rare to find one of the newer card game titles resurrected into an amazing app. If you’ve ever played Bang!, you will agree with me that it would be rather hard to capture the look and feel into a video game, but the iPad version, with the addition of mood music, dramatic card gestures and an ease of use UI, turns the tables making this game not just a second substitute, but a real replacement to the game if you’re traveling and can’t afford to bring the cards with you. Also — single player mode with the AI.

Considering that the iPad app only costs USD $4.99 whereas the complete deluxe edition sets you back USD $35.00, this is a steal. Sure, you don’t get the expansion sets (High Noon, Dodge City, and A Fistful of Cards) but you do get an authentic spaghetti western experience that the creators wanted to imbibe.

Check the reviews — this is one rare title that plows through the ratings with so many 5 stars. It may not appear in the top charts, but it definitely is one damn good game that all Bang! players have loved.

– By far the best way to enjoy a quick fix of Bang! without the need to look for players
– Amazing UI for a game that deals with a lot of cards on the table
– 100% port of the original Bang!
– No glitches

– Doesn’t include any of the expansions (from Bang! The Bullet Deluxe)
– sometimes it seems like the AI is too smart
– can’t review character special abilities while in-game

[4th of July Sale at USD $2.99]
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