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5 Best Time Travel Movies for Beginners

Our concept of time travel has been constructed by popular media. From small acts in the past making big changes in the future, to actually causing a problem in the first place, these ideas have been fed to us by creative minds through fiction, especially in time travel movies.

If you are new to the fictional concept of time travel or would like to introduce people to it, here are some of the movies that can get you started.

Back to the Future franchise

What starts as Marty McFly’s “accidental” time travel with Doc Marty McFly’s DeLorean becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the teen meets the scientist’s younger self. This adventure kicks off a series of back-and-forth jumps in time, correcting mistakes and creating some more along the way. Back to the Future is a child-friendly movie which reminds viewers that the future is not entirely written.

Terminator I and II


Since we are talking about getting started, the first two movies of the franchise are undeniably the best. Resistance leader John Connor, who is winning a war against a cybernetic enemy, sends defenders back in time. Their mission: fight time-travelling cyborg assassins from preventing his birth. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stardom shone brighter thanks to the second film, so these two are worth checking out.

GroundHog Day


While reliving a day does not sound like time travel, the person who lives through it does have the advantage of knowing what the future holds. It is like travelling back and forth in time. TV Weatherman Phil Connors gets stuck in February 2, and lives in a time-loop for what could be equivalent for many years, the actual number of which is still up for debate.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Everything is possible in the magical world of Harry Potter, but even time travel is a delicate advantage for anyone to possess. Time travel plays a bigger role in the last part of the story and its risks have been stressed multiple times, both in the movie and the book. A time turner lent to academic-overachiever Hermione Granger becomes a key for Harry Potter to pull off time heist. Did we say time heist? Sounds like it came from…

Avengers Endgame

Five years after Thanos turned half of the universe’s population. The remaining Avengers try to get their lost buddies back  by pulling of a… time heist. (This is where they actually used the term time heist. For Prisoner of Azkaban, you will agree that the term is also appropriate.) At the first third of the movie, characters debate the consequences and risks of time travel, while addressing concepts set by famous movies (with special mention of Back to the Future of course). By the middle of the film, the Avengers don their Quantum Suits (which you can get here for 50% off) to steal the Infinity Stones from different points in time.

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