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BatPanthRon Man: The 5 Coolest Looking Superhero Costumes

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As geeks, few moments can touch the moments we get to see our favorite superheroes in their costumes on the big screen for the first time. I can clearly recall the rush I got first time I saw Michael Keaton in the Batman outfit. You have to remember, before that it was only Adam West, so we had never seen a full badass Batman, and wow, did it floor me (and all geeks around me) when we first saw him, unable to move his neck and all. That didn’t even bother us. It WAS Batman, period. And that, in turn, set the tone for all superhero movie costumes that followed. Well, Superman did it first but I was a bit too young to appreciate that at the time (plus, let’s be real. That was just a dude in spandex, so cool is not the word you would use these days).

Here are the 5 coolest superhero costumes that have come along on the big screen so far.


I know I already said it but I only touched on a third of the coolness of the batsuit. As far as superhero costumes go, MOST pale in comparison next to (or try to be) Batman. First movie series by Tim Burton had him rocking dark black and looking very much the character we knew from comics, albeit, way cooler.

Next up, we had Bale’s Dark Knight where the suit suddenly became armor and made sense. It was not just to look cool. It had special accoutrements for fighting and worked as armor as well. Plus, with the wrist blades and angular paneling, looked cool as hell.

Finally, we get to Batfleck. And though I hated Dawn of Justice I will come out and say it. They NAILED the costume. You can see its texture, it looks lived in, and it’s nice to see a nod back to the gray from the comics. And the Bat-Armor was a decent enough version of Frank Miller’s so it gets a pass, too.

Black Panther

Ok, so here we have a rich guy who makes a fancy suit so he can fight crime. So, um, Batman 2.0, but this Marvel character’s premier in Civil War FINALLY gave Marvel a suit that can look as cool (though pretty damn close) to Batman’s.

Being sleek black and making him look like the creature he calls himself (also, much like Batman) there were Black Panther-centric moments in Civil War (the motorcycle chase) where I was thinking: I would NOT want that chasing me.

That alone lets you know it is a pretty badass suit. Fear does factor in.

Rorschach (from Watchmen)

I am sorry but when it comes to nihilist vigilantes none get better than Rorschach from Watchmen. The man was broken, and would wear an inkblot mask based off the Rorschach test on his face, but the pattern would change with his moods and emotions. It made no sense when we read it but we knew it looked cool. Then someone made the mask that worked in real life. Then we saw him on film and we just bowed down before his badassery.

Remember, he is not locked in with you. You are locked in with HIM!

Iron Man

I know what you’re thinking. Which armor? Exactly! That in itself is why he lands a spot. From his War Machine to his Hulk Buster, Iron Man wins the suit war based on numbers alone. And based on the simple facts that pretty much all versions of Iron Man look badass. Tony Stark is the kind of person who would never be caught dead in an ugly Christmas sweater, and these suits validate that theory.

Another yuppie who has too much money and too much time on his hands so he makes himself a badass armor superhero suit (or suits in this case, one which he literally has turn into an actual briefcase) which has a crapload of awesome features and can pretty much do anything. He also has a living A.I named Jarvis within the suit to talk to him and make moving adjustments. Like the ghost of Alfred living in Batman’s cowl. Wow, it sounds weird when I say it like that. Well, we all knew Iron Man had some issues.

GET IT, HE IS A COMIC CHARACTER? Issues? Comics come in issues? Man I am so good at this. Speaking of someone who is damn good at things….


Game over, man. No comic book super suit (or normal suit in this case) has ever been more perfectly re-created than Deadpool’s for the recent film. From the texture of the fabric to the great balance between black and red (both colors representing death), Deadpool pretty much redefined the superhero costume by showing the world you can just take the exact suit from the comic and do nothing to mess with it.

In other words, the exact OPPOSITE of Green Lantern. *Shutters on behalf of mankind

So which superhero (costume) did we leave off the list? Which super costume do you think is the coolest in all of comic book moviedom? Leave us a comment and let us know and we may just write a follow-up.

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