5 Creepiest Horror Movie Scenes

When judging the creepiest horror movie scenes, you’ve got to be careful to distinguish between a creepy scene and a great movie. While we believe all the films you’re about to see are great, that’s not to say there aren’t better overall horror movies out there. But for our money, the creep factor doesn’t get any scarier than with these individual moments.

SPOILERS DEFINITELY AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. (And the clips are probably NSFW, so be careful.)

5. Alice, Sweet Alice

Alice’s aunt is a wretched woman. Even so, there was something absolutely terrifying about watching her get knifed on the staircase by the killer, who may or may not be Alice Spages, troubled 12-year-old. This isn’t the only cover-your-eyes moment in the film either. In fact, on some days we actually prefer the ending, but alas, that scene wasn’t available on YouTube. 


4. Don’t Look Now

Donald Sutherland is a grieved man haunted by his young daughter’s drowning death. While in Venice, he begins to see visions of a small figure wearing a red mac similar to the one his daughter wore the day she died. He becomes obsessed with helping the figure only to find out that it isn’t his daughter, but a murderous hag luring him to his death. We didn’t think anything could be scarier than that bizarre, hideous love-making scene earlier in the film. We were wrong. 


3. Session 9


As if the Simon voiceover lead-in isn’t creepy enough, we have to be treated to the reality that Gordon killed his entire team of co-workers. But wait, that’s not all! Then we find out he did that after butchering his wife and baby. Then, a final lead-out from Simon. “I live in the weak and the wounded.” Shiver.



2. John Carpenter’s The Thing

This scene sucked so badly the first time we watched it, and to this day, even after all these times re-watching it, that walking Head Crab remains the stuff of nightmares.


1. The Exorcist III

While those who have seen very few horror movies in their day will cite The Exorcist as the scariest movie of all time, the ones with a healthy appetite for scary movies know that The Exorcist III is where it’s at, thanks in large part to the scene below. We’re not that crazy about the confessional scene or the old woman on the ceiling, but there can be only one. Here’s the setup: a nurse is working the graveyard shift at the hospital where she’s employed. Director William Peter Blatty, who also wrote the novel on which the first film is based, holds an excruciatingly long shot with a payoff that leaves most people wanting to put this movie in the freezer and never watch it again. 


So which of these creepiest horror movie scenes did you think was best, and what should we have included on the list? Sound off in the comments below. 

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