You’re almost out of time! You might be able to get one-day shipping from Amazon or whatever online costume store you prefer, but you’ll definitely have a difficult experience if you have to go to the mall for a Halloween costume.

Then again, there might be a way that you can DIY into things. I could be wrong, but just in case you’re feeling DIY-ish, and you have the materials (or easy access to them), here are 5 DIY comic book costumes you can try out.

Poison Ivy

DIY comic book costumes
You might recognize the woman in the Poison Ivy costume and think you don’t have the same resources as she does, but this tutorial will help you with that.

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

As much as I like Poison Ivy, no one can compare to the nuttiness of Harley Quinn. If you feel the same way I do, then this makeup tutorial is the one for you.

DIY PopArt/Comic Book Girl- Halloween Makeup & Costume

There certainly is no shortage of DIY comic book costumes following the pop art trend. A simple Google search will give you more results than you can sift through in time for Halloween. Here’s one that seems simple enough and looks great, too.

Groot Makeup Tutorial

It’s hard to choose a favorite among The Guardians of the Galaxy characters, but if you want the attention but not hold long conversations, then Groot is the one to go for. This tutorial will show you how to make yourself look like Groot, and then every time someone comes up to you, you can just say, “I’m Groot.” Unless you do want to talk to him/her, that is.

Nick Fury

diy comic book costumes
This one’s rather easy, and you can be as badass as you want. You just need parts of his ensemble, which you might already have in your closet. If you need a guide for the specific items, take a look at this.
You can find online stores to buy those items from, but you can always substitute and do with what you have for a real DIY experience.

Bonus: Ultimate Guide to DIY Comic Book Costumes

If all of the above are too complicated for you, here’s the ultimate, but simplest, guide you can refer to, courtesy of TSGL.
DIY comic book costumes

Are you going as a comic book character? Share your pics!

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