Countless children around the world look forward to Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought them. They spend a lot of time putting together their Christmas wishlists and making sure they can convince Santa that they have been good all year round. It’s all sugar and spice.

Of course, there’s the other side to the story. There is the jolly good Santa, but there are evil Santas that aren’t exactly for your children. Even if you’ve already killed Santa and told them he doesn’t really exist.

Here are 5 evil Santas that will put the fear of God in you, no matter how old you may be.

Christmas Evil’s Santa

evil santas
Christmas Evil, the movie, came out in 1980, and features one of the scariest Santas there ever was. Instead of the warm, fuzzy, and nice feeling that “normal” Santa gives you, think of a psycho Santa. And he gets to decide who’s been naughty and nice all year AND what they get for Christmas. I’d rather not believe in Santa if this were the case.

Santa from Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night might just put you off the Christmas carol that’s probably in your head right now. Released in 1984 is not really a popular one, but if you’re in for horror flicks, this will do it for you. You’ll get a kick off this evil Santa who is actually a teenager battling with his own demons, all the while going around killing people dressed up as Santa. Add his age and his actions, and you’ve got one sick, scary Santa movie right here.

Robot Santa from Futurama

Futurama may very well be one of the best animated series on television, but there is no doubt that its Robot Santa is pure evil. This robot weighs four tons – definitely more than good old St. Nikolas – and with the error in his programming, the good intentions that was behind his creation all went down the drain. This set Robot Santa’s standards way too high, making him consider practically everyone naughty.

If you think that’s bad, his method of punishment is worse. He usually chops off people’s heads. Then there’s his sack of horrors, which he stuffs into the neck holes of his victims. Que horror, indeed!

Bad Santa

Bad Santa
Bad doesn’t always equate to evil, I suppose, and this Santa is mild compared to all other Santas on this list. This comedy stars Billy Bob Thornton (that should say a lot), who plays a robber who poses as Santa at malls. That’s bad indeed, and maybe a little evil. Especially if you see how he treats kids – drunk or sober. This is one Santa whose lap you wouldn’t want to sit on.


evil santas
Krampus isn’t exactly the Mister Klaus from the North Pole with his cute little mischievous elf helpers. He is a mythical demon that goes around during Christmas just like Santa. The big difference is that he has no intentions of giving out goodies or taking your milk and cookies. Instead, he’s out to punish people during the holidays. Talk about evil. And just take a look at that photo. That’s enough to give one the chills.

The movie isn’t going to be released till November 2015, but that doesn’t negate the existence of this evil Santa.


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