5 Free Online RPGs for the Geeky Gamer

"Aren't all gamers geeky?", you may be asking. I wouldn't dare make such a sweeping statement, but if you consider yourself an MMO/RPG enthusiast, you'll love MMO Attack. The name says it all, but the best part is that it has a section for free RPG!

“Aren’t all gamers geeky?”, you may be asking. I wouldn’t dare make such a sweeping statement, but if you consider yourself an MMO/RPG enthusiast, you’ll love MMO Attack. The name says it all, but the best part is that it has a section for free RPG! (That caught your attention, didn’t it?) Truth be told, there are tons of free online RPGs for all gamers, for all kinds of interests. Obviously, these five free online RPGs I’ll be sharing with you today are my own picks. Bias aside, I believe that those with geeky tendencies will at least give these RPGs a try. Here you go.

The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age

The setting is ripe for war, with the Elves and Dwarves still not forgetting the enmity between them. Of course, the Orcs and Goblins are stirring up trouble as usual. Your task is to partner up with the heroes of legend in order to restore order to Middle Earth. Not an easy task, but with Gandalf on your side (not to mention his legions of animal friends), you’ll be all right.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

If you’ve spent many a sleepless night playing D&D with your friends, but for some reason can’t find company to play with you at home these days, then this is one of the best free online RPGs for you. It may very well become your best friend. From dungeons and dragons to zombies – you’ll meet all sorts of monsters in the game. And did I mention dungeons?

The Lost Titans

Can’t get enough of Greek mythology? The Lost Titans can give you your fix of Greek imagination. The game is beautiful, although you will have to fight your way through a lot of battles. But that’s one of the allures of good free online RPGs, isn’t it?

Eden Eternal

Here’s another game that caters to those who like beautiful things. Eden Eternal is the game for fantasy lovers – with a wonderful blend of visuals and magic powers. The premise is not unique in that the world (Eden) is in desperate need of peace. Your task, as the hero, is of course to bring about this peace. Oh, and if you’re into pets, you can adopt one so that you won’t be alone in your quest.

Battlestar Galactica Online

Truth be told, this game is not one of the more highly rated ones, but any BSG fan will want to give it a try. Unless you’re totally satisfied with doing your own BSG reruns at least once a year, you might want to branch out and do other BSG-related things. (I’m not talking about fantasizing about Starbuck or Apollo.) The game is all about action, and here is your chance to pretend you’re a Cylon (although I’m pretty sure any decent BSG fan does that on a regular basis).

So, whether you’re looking for some fantastical experience or some sci-fi action, there’s at least one RPG on this list that should catch your eye. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be anti-social. You’ll have lots of other people to spend time with, albeit virtually.

About the Author
Kirk Wallace got his education at the California State University, San Mateo, with a degree in Business Administration/Marketing. He obviously loves gaming as well, and he puts together his passions by being the social marketing executive at MMO Attack. Jealous now?

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