5 Frozen Mashups You'll Never Let Go Of (+1!)

You don’t have to pretend that you only sing Disney songs when a child is in your immediate vicinity, you know. Disney’s Frozen isn’t something we’re ready to let go of yet. Apparently the rest of the world agrees since Frozen has recently moved past The Dark Knight Rises in the all-time worldwide box office! The only reason why most people have stopped seeing it in theaters is because it finally got released in DVD and Blu-ray.

The top grossing animated film of all-time is still stuck in the everyone’s mind, and let’s face it, it’s all because of those catchy songs. Now if you repeat a song enough times, no matter how much you love it, it will turn to auditory poison that makes Hulking out feel like a tame Sunday afternoon jaunt.

So how do you solve a problem like overexposure to an awesome soundtrack? Listen to an even more awesome mashup or parody song, of course! We found the 5 geekiest (and greatest!) tributes to the Frozen soundtrack and placed them all in one neat little list. You’re welcome, internet.

5 Frozen Mashups & Parody Songs (+1!)


Do You Want To Kill The Batman?

Source: SydneyAmber S.

Most of the famous Frozen parodies use Let It Go so we’re peppering this list with a lot of, well, the only other popular song in the soundtrack: Do You Want To Build A Snowman? This particular one caught our eye (or ears) because of the clever lyrics and a surprise Joker cameo.  Though the singer’s rendition is not as sing-songy and high-pitched as the Harley we know and love, this heartfelt Harley sounds strangely right. 

Mr. Freeze Lets It Go

Source: 2chinTV

Rag on Batman & Robin all you want, but without that stinkpile of a movie, we wouldn’t have gotten this gem of a parody. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze may have dipped a little too much in the pun barrel but hey, he was the best part. This video starts with him breaking out of Arkham Asylum, heartbroken over the state of his dear wife, Nora.

Do You Want To Kill A Planet?

Source: TeamFourStar

Listening to Nappa attempting to coax Vegeta into being best buds again and offing whole planets is endearing in its own way. Too bad the video isn’t animated (yes, we are very demanding fans) but isn’t that wish worth using the seven Dragon Balls for?


Do You Want To Steal A TARDIS?

Source: North Rory

The screencap might fool you into thinking this is a happy and silly Doctor Who parody, but prepare your emotions. This is Doctor Who we’re talking about. We’re big fans of the Master and we weren’t ready for whatever it was that tugged on these damn heartstrings of ours.  So… There. Enjoy(?). 

Let It Slam

Source: djbtown

We saved the very best of the bunch for last. If you are unaware of the cultural and historical phenomenon that is Space Jam, then shame on you, sir/lady. You’re lucky that the internet exists so you can rectify that travesty right away. Now when you’re done educating yourself, come back to this page and watch this glorious video. Let the light of Barkley shine down upon you, brother and/or sister.


Let It Go – The Dr Who Version by Arthur Darvill

Source: BBC Radio 1

It’s ‘The Ballad of Arthur Darvill’, and don’t you dare call him Rory! This parody song tackles how much Arthur wants to be known for, well, other things than Doctor Who. Whovians should always remember that this is a parody that the BBC themselves wrote for him to sing so stop sharpening those pitchforks and enjoy Rory Arthur’s singing voice.


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