5 Geek Crafts that Make Great Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a present for an anniversary or a holiday, or you just want to surprise someone by letting them know how much they mean to you, there are plenty of ways that you can share your geekiness with handmade gifts. Geek crafts are the perfect way to express your own fandom and share it with others, and there are plenty of projects for everyone, no matter how crafty you are.

Geeky crafts for any experience level

If you’re looking for geeky craft projects or homemade gifts, here are some craft projects that will keep you busy on a rainy afternoon and make for fun and meaningful presents …if you can bring yourself to part with them.

Star Wars puppets

If you don’t know blogger, geek girl, and googly eyes connoisseur Bonnie Burton, you’re missing out on a lot of great inspiration. Her book, the Star Wars Craft Book is full of easy and amazing projects that are great for Jedis of all ages. From Admiral Ackbar puppets made from a paper bag to Wookiee sock puppets, you can make an entire cast of characters out of items you have laying around the house right now.


Geeky cross stitching

Etsy is full of cheap cross stitch patterns, with patterns for just about any fandom from Star Wars to Harry Potter. Get the patterns in the mail or as instant pdf downloads and start stitching! Framed cross stitching makes for a great birthday, christmas, wedding, or housewarming present.


Totoro pajamas

Snuggies, footie pajamas, and Kigurumis are great for lazy Saturdays spent lounging around the house and they’re absolutely necessary for embarking on epic Netflix marathons. But rather than spend 40 bucks or more on pajamas, you can make your own with just basic sewing skills. Even better, make a custom Totoro onesie with these simple instructions.


Handmade Geek-wear

Being a geek is about loving what you love and expressing that love in different ways. You probably have a closet full of nerdy t-shirts, but what’s one more? With just a cheap kit, you can screenprint your own shirts at home and create unique designs while saving money (which is needed since we’ve all guilty of spending too much money on Thinkgeek). Wear your art and your geekdom proudly or make t-shirts, tote bags, and other geekwear for friends and family that share in your geek passions.


Throw a geeky party

It’s easy to get into a craft project and then leave it half finished, or finish is and put it away to never be seen again. Make good use of your crafts by using them as party decorations. You can find recipes and print outs for just about any fandom that are great to use for viewing parties of your favorite shows and movies. From the invites to the table center piece, your craftiness can be put to good use in creating a great party your friends won’t forget.


Finding more inspiration

When it comes to making something, the idea is usually the hardest part. A simple Google search will give you a million how-tos for homemade gifts, crafts, and projects to wade through, but it’s hard to find easy, unique craft ideas– especially geeky ones. Browsing more specific sites like Instructables, CraftGawker, or Pinterest will help point you in the right direction, and there you can search through categories or just peruse the most popular posts for inspiration.

If you’re still at a loss for ideas, personalized gifts like engraved jewelry, one of a kind pint glasses or coffee mugs, or personalized beer or coffee make for a special gift that even the least crafty among us can manage.

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