5 of the Geekiest Marriage Proposals in Geek History

The way you propose says a lot about your relationship. It can influence the answer you receive and indicate whether or not you’re truly meant to be together. But the typical candlelight dinner and romantic evening isn’t for everyone.

You’ve found the perfect ring—maybe something vintage to match her love for older games like Super Mario Bros. Or perhaps a more modern style to reflect her interest in the latest Zelda game. Now, you just need a unique way to pop the question.

If you’re looking to add a little more geek-style to your wedding proposal, consider these inspirational stories.

1. Minecraft Lava Proposal

As you well know, you can get pretty creative using Minecraft. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that last year an unnamed player, going by BioWare, used the game to propose to his girlfriend. He wrote “Marry Me?” in boiling lava in the game world, and then played it with his sweetheart. It sounded like she accepted his proposal…right before another player blew up her character! At least she had a real life sweet moment as a comfort.

2. Expensive Super Mario Proposal

One man and his girlfriend were big fans of Super Mario, and he decided there was no better way to propose. Hacking into FoSoYa’s Lunar Margi Super Mario, he wrote out “Lisa, will you marry me?” in gold coins.

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Once Lisa made it to this point in the game, her boyfriend knelt with a beautiful ring and waited for her response. From the looks of the video, she said yes, and the two are probably living happily ever after, playing Super Mario in their wedded bliss.

3. Intricate Chrono Trigger Proposal

Another serious gamer put some real thought into his proposal by hacking into the game, Chrono Trigger. The proposer tried to make it as romantic as possible, with locations reminiscent of their past dates, discussion of the character’s love, and quotes to make the experience more meaningful and romantic.

The game takes place at Mount Baker in Washington state, which is where the couple went on their first date. He couldn’t think of a discreet way of getting there, however, so he decided to do it digitally. The quest that ensues is full of romantic dialogue that ends with the noble, victorious knight asking his love, by name, to marry him. According to the hacker, it was hugely successful!

4. Google Street View Proposal

A Google employee first proposed to his girlfriend during a quiet night at home – but later decided that wasn’t quite enough of a story to tell their kids down the road. So, he decided to use his connections to one of the geekiest organizations on the planet to make a very public proposal.

As the Google Street View car passed near the Google offices where all the employees stood outside and waved, he held up a banner reading: “Proposal 2.0: Marry me, Leslie!!” Now they have a documented memory to last them a lifetime.

The most interesting part is that he didn’t tell his girlfriend about it. He created a website encouraging his friends and family to tell Leslie about the Google Street View picture so that she could look it up and be surprised. How’s that for a surprise proposal?

5. Little Big Planet No-Hacking-Necessary Proposal

If you love video games but aren’t much of a hacker, you can still create an incredibly romantic proposal, like this Little Big Planet gamer did. Using the level creation functionality, he created an adorably romantic proposal, including a romantic question, heart hot air balloons, and a series of red decorations to make it official.

Not only did he win the heart of his love, but he also got the high score in the game!

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