5 Geeky (and simple) Thanksgiving Decorations!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with this holiday comes binge-eating turkey and plenty of awkward conversations with family members. After all, Thanksgiving is one of the few times in the year where families gather under one roof and share a meal. It’s special.

However, being around relatives for extended periods of time can bring out the worst in all of us.

It’s even more stressful if you’re the one hosting these various Thanksgiving parties. Sometimes the best coping method is deflection. In this case, deflect attention away from you, towards your unique Thanksgiving decorations.

If you want to impress your coworkers, family members, or random neighbors stopping by, check out these 5 creative and geeky Thanksgiving decorations:

1. Geeky “I over-ate” Shirt(s)

Who says Thanksgiving decorations have to be connected to the house? You can be a walking (geeky) Thanksgiving decoration, with either of these two hilarious math shirts.

Get it?


If you want one a little bit “easier,” you can also wear this one. 


Or, if those aren’t your style, you can design your own shirt online, complete with clip-art turkeys and festive colors. If you want to go all-out, you can even order matching shirts for your partner, friend, or family members.

You can be a clever, walking Thanksgiving decoration.

2. Beautiful Button-Pumpkin

We’ve all done pumpkin cutouts and cloth patterns before, usually when we still in elementary school.

However, as you get older, hands dipped in paint, smashed one a piece of cardstock, and drawn on don’t quite cut it for decorations. The sad fact is, most of us aren’t “artistically inclined” enough to pull off the hoards of DIY Thanksgiving decorations you can find on Pinterest… and even if we were, who has the time?

Instead, what about a simple button pumpkin?


Don’t let the frame fool you, this is not a difficult project. Sewing buttons on is easy – and it’s even easier when you’re sewing it onto a plain piece of cloth.

Over the years, I’m sure most of us have had ample opportunity to sew on those sweater buttons that accidentally got ripped off while changing, or the normal wear and tear that removes the buttons from work shirts.

The best part about this button pumpkin is the fact that it doesn’t rely on precise measurements or symmetry. Really. You’re just sewing a bunch of orange buttons on a random strip of cloth (and then throwing that in a frame).

You can probably do this while marathon-ing a TV show or getting through any of the Lord of the Rings movies. And, if you decide to marathon all the Lord of the Rings movies, you can fill your house with several of these button pumpkins.

3. Thanksgiving Advent Calendar

Who says Advent Calendars are only for Christmas? With a little bit of creativity, you can tack on your favorite TV characters along with some turkeys, pumpkins, and fall foliage cutouts.


4. Pumpkin “pie” Cookies

Food counts as a decoration, right?

This clever play-on-words is as easy as frosting your own store-bought sugar cookies with orange, green, and black frosting.


Just because it all ends up in your stomach doesn’t give you an excuse to skip the creative cookies. People love creative cookies.

5. Adorable Nerdy Thanksgiving Print-outs

These hilarious and clever sci-fi/Thanksgiving art pieces are perfect for adding a little bit of fun to your Thanksgiving. They’re especially wonderful for those of us with little-to-no artistic abilities.


Really, there’s no limit to the geeky or fandom-inspired holiday print-outs. Embrace it. You can line these pictures in between all those button-pumpkins you made a couple days ago.

When it comes to Thanksgiving decorations, the easiest way to shine is to just be unique and creative. And, unlike Halloween and Christmas, you don’t have to spend time and money trying to out-decorate all your neighbors.


Only a select few actually get crazy about Thanksgiving. And, given the fact that Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that seems to drive everyone crazy, it makes sense.


Happy Thanksgiving and good luck decorating!

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