5 Geeky Vehicles You Can Really Drive

We all love the cars from our favorite geeky movies and TV shows. But how many of them can anybody actually get behind the wheel and drive (assuming money is no object)?

DeLorean Time Machine

There are a number of replicas out there of Back to the Future‘s iconic DeLorean Time Machine, but not all of them are screen accurate. Enter Robert “Videobob” Moseley, a TV personality and prop builder who went on an 8-year quest to convert a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 into a perfect replica of the one driven by Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown on the silver screen. His research included visiting the production designer who built the original for the movies, and all of the vendors who provided the various parts. He’s taken castings of many of the original parts so he can get them just right. Today, he’s an expert at creating DeLorean Time Machine replicas, has his own website where you can learn more about his work, and even buy one of your own. (He doesn’t disclose pricing on the site.) There’s no doubt it won’t come cheap, but if you’ve got the coin, you can own and drive your very own DeLorean Time Machine — perfect down to the last wire and time circuit. Time travel not guaranteed.

1966 Batmobile

The show may have been extra cheesy, but the original, live-action Batmobile is unforgettable. And unlike the Tumbler or the Tim Burton Batmobile, this one you can actually own and drive. A company called Fiberglass Freaks has the license to create official replicas of the old Batman & Robin TV show car. The original began its life as a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, modified and repainted to function as the black roadster of the Dark Knight (and his colorful sidekick). Fiberglass Freaks builds its replicas from Lincoln Town Cars, and applies incredible attention to detail, from the red beacon light to the rocket booster in the back (really a custom-made propane flamethrower). It’ll only set you back $150,000.

James Bond’s Aston Martin

Okay, so since the Aston Martin isn’t a vehicle made specifically for the James Bond movies (aside from a handful of spy-friendly options), anyone with enough money can go and buy one and drive it around town. But what if you want the experience without spending a fortune? There’s an easy way around that problem: seek out a company like Wish.co.uk, which offers driving adventures with a wide variety of vehicles for affordable prices. And yes, they have a package that features an Aston Martin, just like the one seen in the Daniel Craig movies. Readers in the U.K. can seek the company out on the web; readers residing elsewhere should be able to find comparable companies in major metro cities.

Tron: Legacy Lightcycle

Back around the time that Tron: Legacy hit theaters, a custom vehicle builder in Florida called Parker Brothers Choppers offered a realistic replica of the sexy, chrome-and-neon upgraded Lightcycle from the newer movie. Just like in the film, you had to lay down flat on it to drive the thing, but surprisingly, it was actually street legal. Most impressive of all, Parker Brothers Choppers found a way to make the tires work just as they do in the film — without a hollow center and no axis. Strangely, PBC has removed all traces of the Tron: Legacy Lightcycle from their website, and even closed a YouTube account that used to show videos of the bike in action. Only about ten Lightcycles were made by the company, so perhaps all of them were sold and PBC just isn’t willing to make them anymore. Or maybe Disney sued their pants off. Regardless, these bad boys sold to lucky buyers for $55,000 each.

Mad Max Pursuit Special

Whatever and whenever the shape of the future is in the Mad Max movies, ol’ Max sure loved his Pursuit Special. It started as a police car (just as Max started as a police officer), but the supercharged vehicle he stole near the end of the movie to strike out on his own was a black, Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe with some special modifications. The filmmakers added a new nosecone, side exhaust pipes, and a supercharger that stuck out from the hood. After the movie trilogy wrapped, the original car was sold to the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in England. But that doesn’t mean you can’t drive it — or one just like it. A company called Mad Max Cars in Seattle specializes in building functional Pursuit Special replicas.

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