5 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

The biggest video-sharing platform in the world, with more than 1 billion unique users every month, YouTube has tons of content catering to practically any interest. While it does have its fair share of useless channels, there some YouTube channels that you will want to follow to satisfy your geeky and/or curious appetite.

Here are five geeky YouTube channels you should check out. You’ll notice that most of the “go-to” geek channels (Geek & Sundry, etc.) are missing, but that’s because I assume you’re already following them.

Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies is one of the most popular YouTube channels for, obviously, movie buffs. This may be an exception to my reference to “go-to” geek channels, but Screen Junkies is just too fun not to include in this list. Even “casual” movie enthusiasts will enjoy the videos that Screen Junkies offer up. What I love most about this channel is that they are full of humor and snark.

View their Honest Trailer series (check out the one for Game of Thrones) first, and you’ll get hooked in no time.

Subscribe to Screen Junkies.


Cinemassacre has a hodgepodge of topics, which makes it popular as people with different inclinations can relate to the channel easily. From Angry Video Game Nerd, James & Mike Mondays, Mike’s game reviews, You Know What’s Bullsh*t?!, Board James, and Top 10s, the channel has something to entertain everyone.

If you have been playing video games since the 80s or 90s, make sure you follow the Angry Video Game Nerd (AGVN), as you will have a blast walking down memory lane. You’ll probably be ranting and reminiscing together with the AGVN.

If board games are your thing, then Board James will give you reviews, new games, and of course, tons of commentary.

Subscribe to Cinemassacre.


WatchMojo is another YouTube channel that caters to a wide range of geeks. It has top 10s – every single day, and covers pop culture, movies, games, and even music. If you’re interested in biographies, you’ll even find them in this channel.

Subscribe to WatchMojo.

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

I’ve been criticized for being a random conversationalist; that is, I jump from one topic to another seemingly unrelated topic. When that happens, I say to the person that he’s just too slow and can’t keep up with me. If you’ve had a similar experience, then you’ll love Grant Thompson, The King of Random.

While the “random” part is not exactly the same as I described, his videos will stimulate your seemingly random stream of thought. From “mad science” to “quests for discovery” to “random weekend projects”, you’ll enjoy jumping from topic to topic with Grant.

Subscribe to Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”.


As Einstein supposedly said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

That’s what the guys behind MinutePhysics are all about. If you’re a physics nerd, you will either think the concept cool or think the videos are beneath you (calling Dr. Sheldon Cooper).

If you’ve got a sense of humor and are smart, too, you’ll agree with me that this is a really fun channel for the curious mind. Not convinced? Watch this video titled “Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle”.

Subscribe to MinutePhysics.

Do you have any other geeky YouTube channels to recommend?

If you prefer podcasts:

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