From We3 to Saga: 5 Graphic Novels That Would Make Fantastic Films

There are so many comic book and graphic novels getting made into movies, but they are all cut from the same cloth. Superhero or superhero team stop massive, intergalactic threat against humanity. Yes, it is fun, but there are a shit-ton of graphic novels out there right now that could be adapted into films that would be a great deal more original than all the lookalike comic book films we are getting currently. Comics and graphic novels do not always need spandex clad superheroes to tell amazing stories, as proven by these 5 graphic novels that need to be made into movies stat. Keep in mind, this list has everything from talking animals to a sexed out sci fi epic that could redefine the genre if someone had enough balls to actually try and adapt it.

Mouse Guard

I want this one animated, and can tell you, it would garner amazing reactions from both adult and children. It is basically Game of Thrones with Mice and minus the creepy sex stuff. The story takes place in a medieval time, and presents us a world of sentient mice trying to keep guard over their kingdom. They are also mice so they have fight things like crabs and birds, which is super exciting when one side is a tiny mouse holding an axe. Not even kidding. This shit is boss.

The best part is, some people look at it and think KID’S STUFF, but they could not be more off. From intrigue to people being double crossed to beloved characters dying, Mouse Guard has it all.


Saga is easily one of the greatest series out there right now, and I cannot recommend enough you pick up the graphic novels. So what is Saga about? Well, I would need about ten thousand words to do it justice, but long and short, think Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliette while on acid inside a black hole. Read more here.

What I can tell you, without question, Saga would be better than Star Wars if the right people made it. Yup, I said that. And also, if James Cameron ever comes within a hundred feet of this story, I will summon a T800 from the future to kill him. Give it to the Lego Movie guys, Ridley Scott, Edgar Wright or GTFO.

Black Hole

A massive graphic novel and one that many deem  “impossible” to make, there were rumors David Fincher (who would’ve done a fantastic job) was attached, by since then, no word. But I know this story about an STD from the 70’s that turns teenagers into hideous mutants is such an intense ride, audiences would walk away from it changed,

Even the setting of Seattle during the 70’s would lend itself so well to the black and white look of the book (which could easily translate into black and white film, more focus on the black). Black Hole is a story that is as much about alienation and finding yourself as a teenager as it is about any disease or sex. That is what makes it so powerful. Even those of us who didn’t turn into monsters can still wholly relate to those who did.


So imagine a future where domestic pets are taken from their homes and modified (physically) into mindless killing machines used for war? I am talking bunnies and cats in full suits of Iron Man type armor, launching cluster missiles and shit? Sounds sick, right? But wanna know what makes it so amazing and powerful? These animals are intelligent and aware they are being used against their will to kill, when all they want to do is make it home to their families.

I wont lie, there are some heart breaking elements to it, but WE3 would be a story that would muster both tears and cheers of joy while watching, and those are often the very best movies in the world.

Y: The Last Man

First off, Preacher was going to be here, as it may be my favorite series of all time. But the wonderful AMC have their greasy paws on it now and are certainly going to make a riot of a show out of it, so Y: The Last Man seems a fitting book to fill the hole. If you know the story at all, you know how well that last bit of wordplay worked in its favor.

Y is about, well, pretty much all you need to know is in the title. A virus appears and kills away all males, leaving the world female only. Well, except for one magician (escape artist) Yorick Brown and his pet monkey. See how interesting this sounds? And that is just basic premise. I didn’t even get into the people who they run into or some of the crazy plot twists. Just trust me, this movie would be a ride unlike any other out there right now. And in a world where all movies seem like clones of other movies, Y would stand out and kick some ass. I also would LOVE to see how the audience would react to the finale. Hahaha, bound to piss some people off (which I like).

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