5 Great Free to Play Mobile Games

We have all become spoiled as gamers. What I mean is, we throw down sixty dollars for a video game, and we want 40 hours and HD graphics and 200 enemy types. But it seems we have forgotten what got us into gaming in the first place:


It wasn’t about massive games and graphics that looked like real life (or better!). It was about losing ourselves in mindless entertainment for a bit so we could forget about the world. And you know what kinds of games are good for just that? Mobile games. The kind you just pick up and play until you don’t want to anymore. Pay once and that’s it. Game owned in full. No micro transactions, no bullcrap DLC. Just a fun game that kills time and makes you smile. In case you forgot what that was like, here are 5 best mobile games (without micro-fees) you should all give a shot.

Ridiculous Fishing

You are not likely to find a better use for $2.99 than Ridiculous Fishing. In Apple’s App store you can snatch this game up easy breezy, but once you see its ridiculous (intended) gameplay and incredibly captivating visuals you will be sucked in and wont be able to put the game down.

On top of that, it is great fun, simple, and is unlike anything you have played before. Well, it is a fishing game, but you will see what I mean once you watch the clip above.


Bastion was honestly one of the best Xbox Live games available in the last half decade, real talk. The simple fact that it has made the leap to IOS is astounding. The total other extreme from the game above, Bastion is an immersive tale with a phenomenal soundtrack and Zelda-esque gameplay that will leave you drooling and wanting more (and don’t even get me started on that amazing narrator).

As a gamer, this might just be the best 5 dollars you spend. Try Bastion and tell me I am wrong. Hell, the game is so pretty you might want to update your phone with a new slick skin too, if so then check out the coolest skins for your phone. Yes, the game looks THAT good that your phone should look good, too.

World of Goo

Though it may sound alarming by name, do not let it scare you. World of Goo is a puzzle game that has made its way across many consoles and many versions. Cheap and fun, World of Goo looks better than it has any right to on mobile platforms, and its wacky visuals and unique and charming game play will keep you coming back for more. A puzzle game that is as fun to look at as it is to play, World of Goo has a cult following and many sequels for a reason.

But yes, just to confirm, when someone asks you what you are playing on the bus and you say World of Goo, you DO feel a little silly for a second. Just saying. But it’s still worth it.


I almost feel like I should warn you. Three’s may seem deceptively simple at first, but it will suck up HOURS AND HOURS OF YOUR LIFE. There are no fees or anything that will cause you to go broke, unless, of course, you factor in how much work you will miss because you will become obsessed with the tile/number gameplay until this glorious game takes over your life. 3’s! 3’s EVERYWHERE!!!!!

But, like we said, no fees outside of the one time purchase fee, so if this game causes you to go down the rabbit hole, it is your own fault. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Speaking of warning…..

Dumb Ways To Die

I feel like you should be sold on this game based on name alone. But if that is not the case, I will explain a little. Dumb Ways to Die plays exactly as it is named. You are playing as creatures who are doing their best to avoid, well, um, dumb ways of dying. This may involve not walking on train tracks or trying to keep deadly fish away from your crotch region, but as the games get tougher, the game itself gets more addictive (and more hilarious).

There is also something inherently fun about letting some of these characters die, as some of the deaths are a blast to watch. Does that make me evil? I hope not. But even if it does make me evil, I am still less evil than micro-transactions.

*Microphone Drop

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