5 Great Geek Sites That Are Fun For The Whole Family

The problem with nerd and geek sites on the web is, most of them are aimed at teenagers and above. Even more so, they are often squarely aimed at the male demographic, often alienating both families and younger girls who may want to geek out and have some internet fun, too. But don’t be completely dismayed, because there are some spectacular nerd sites that are fun, enjoyable, and safe for the whole family. Though they may be buried on the web, we went though finding them for you so you didn’t have to. Here are 5 great geek sites that are great fun for the whole family!


Think of this site as sort of a “Science and Kid’s Museum”, yet one you can enjoy and play around in without ever having to leave your house (and no annoying admission fee!). Funology really has many elements that make it work. The bright popping colors will keep your children interested, and the easy to use site makes losing hours and hours having fun (and learning) an educative experience for all.

Kids4 2Play

Though aimed at the younger generation, Kids4 2PLay is just what the name implies. Though first glance at the site may make you think it is a little slim, each animal icon can be clicked on, and each one leads the kids to different activities. From coloring and finishing pictures to simple games and time-waste activities (which all kids love, and parents to do because it keeps them busy lol).


Perhaps my personal favorite of the bunch, ToonYou does something really fun and interesting with the web technology they have available. How it works is, you go on the site and upload pics of your face and the faces of your family members. What ToonYou does it take those pics and wraps them around polygon models and then puts you (and your family) into hilarious and fun scenarios with their actual faces. Like a TV show starring your own family! The first series“My Dream Job” will also teach them about the workplace and some things they have to look forward to (or dread lol) when they get older. And that is but one of the 70 scenarios you can see yourself in. There is even a “President of the U.S.A with Hillary Clinton” episode coming up!

Truth is, I even know adults WITHOUT kids who use this site it is that fun.


Dr. Seuss was the best, the best, yes he was. Keeping us children from growing into thugs.

And though he has passed, and is no longer here, this site makes us feel like his soul still cares.

It has games to play, to wizzle and wozzle, it even has a place for you to swaddle the fozzle!

So stop what you’re doing, Please hear what I say.

Take you and your family to Seussville today!

All rhyming aside, it is like stepping into his world, and leaves you in awe and filled with wonder.

Disney Family

Obviously when one thinks “family fun” and “family Friendly” the first thing they often think is Disney, and with good reason. From its theme parks to its films, it is clear Disney wants children to be happy and feel excited and inspired. The Disney Family website is no different. From Disney themed recipes the whole family can make together to crafts and online games, it is just the kind of place you would expect once you see the Disney name. You will come on this site to kill a few minutes, and two hours later realize just how massive (and fun it is).
So keep in mind, just because the internet can seem like a scary place sometimes, there are still some very safe and wonderful places whole geek families can visit that will keep them entertained for weeks.

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