5 Great Movies That Kind Of Sucked

“Good” and “bad” are subjective when it comes to art, and filmmaking is no exception. But while we all try to get together and assign reasonable standards of what works and what doesn’t, there are moments where we get it wrong. In the same way that films like Office Space can flop upon first release and go on to become both commercial and critical successes in time, the opposite can occur. This realization is what has led us to put together our picks of 5 Great Movies That Sucked. See if you agree.

5. Shakespeare In Love

It’s uncertain what experimental drug the Academy was taking when it awarded Shakespeare in Love the 71st Annual Best Picture Oscar, but that’s exactly what they did, against competition like Saving Private Ryan, Elizabeth, and Life is Beautiful no less! Today, this glorified rom-com is dull and yawn-inducing, and even with the blinders on it wasn’t half the film of its competition.

4. Gravity

Here we emphasize the phrase “kind of sucked.” Gravity did have the common sense to cut and run at around the 90-minute mark. If this film had been longer, it would have been very difficult to hold it together and not demand a refund. As is, it’s an average film that garnered inexplicably huge praise.

3. Crash

Crash was another one of those “safe” picks that the Academy awarded because they weren’t ready to do what they really wanted to do and give the Best Picture statue to Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain. In reality, both films are cliched, shallow, and not-that-special. The real travesty is that Crash was able to beat out the year’s true Best Picture, Munich.

2. Love Story

Love Story was an absolute phenomenon when it hit theaters in 1970. Shot on a budget of just $2.2 million while grossing an astounding $136 million, it was an undeniable commercial success, and critics liked it as well. But then, the War on Drugs happened and more people started to sober up and realize what a sappy crock of crap it actually is. Today, this former Best Picture nominee garners a 57 percent on the critical aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

1. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Not only is Beasts of the Southern Wild incredibly overrated, it’s one of the worst films of all time. A “white guilt” movie if ever there was one, it paints the poor and African-Americans as people who are alternately noble/heroic and abusive/neglectful to their children as if you can willfully mistreat a child and still warrant sympathy, admiration, or respect. Worse, everything about Beasts is a disaster, from the overblown performances to the preachy storytelling to the heavy-handed directorial style. It’s a film many left-leaning white people pretend to like because they feel they’re supposed to and one that paints a horrid and inaccurate picture of African-Americans while masquerading its motives as complimentary.

So that’s it for our picks of the supposedly great movies that sucked. What are yours?

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