The young generation has never been much into reading. Perhaps, that was the reason comics came into existence. If you have spent your childhood reading comics or watching movies with comic characters, you are the real geek. Chances say that you might have read almost all the comics or just some of the most popular ones. Even if you think you have missed some of them, you can save extra on comic books & movies by using a coupon when you purchase them.

The first marvel character came decades ago. Later it evolved to be the whole team of Avengers. Have you ever wondered what are the oldest and greatest Marvel comics? Some of the great and renowned comics never made it to the movies. However, they are still the best on their own. Read ahead to know more:

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Captain America (1941)

It is not the oldest comic, but, it is definitely the oldest that became highly popular among the readers and viewers. Not just the action, the character’s valor in the battlefield and unshakable moral made him some of the topnotch superhero form marvel series. He is portrayed as one of the purest heart here that always inspires to strive no matter how hard the situation gets.

The Hulk (1962)

The becoming of Hulk has always been an interesting and enticing story among readers. You might be knowing how exposure to gamma rays injected scientist Bruce Banner into a green monstrous giant creature. However, his struggle of maintaining power makes the comic even more captivating. It keeps the reader rooted for the further reading. Moreover, his rage that tears apart a worthy enemy never seizes to thrill us.

Captain Marvel (1967)

Formerly known as Mar-Vell and then Ms. Marvel, the character took on the name Captain Marvel in the year 2012. The character was revamped to its most recognizable embodiment as Carol Danvers took on the latest name.

The tangled history of characters can be kept aside for a while as Danvers remains some of the most famous female superheroes. Now, you are lucky enough to see this marvel character live in the next release of Captain Marvel by Marvel Studios in 2019. It is said to be the first female-led solo film.

Deadpool (1991)

One-of-a-kind character with R-rated language and amazingly hilarious tendency of violence, this character are just incomparable with any comic hero, whether it is DC or Marvel. The extraordinary personality of the character made it much easier to be translated into a movie. A movie that was insanely action-packed yet universally-laughed.

Squirrel Girl (1992)

The power Squirrel Girl consumes are not that intimidating; however, it does not make her any less forbidding among other Marvel characters. Though it seems rare heard, in her comic story The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, she managed to best the opponents in single combat. These villains are none other than Wolverine, Deadpool, Dr. Doom and Thanos; and it proves her to be one of the most effective heroes of Marvel series.

You might have seen some of the movies but, if you have not read the comics, you are not the real comic fan. Also, If you have thought that most of them have been a part of Marvel movies, you just got to know that there are exceptions too. If you are looking for some comic purchase, visit the website to get the best coupons or discount codes for almost everything.

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