Upon reflection, 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Airport Edition is pretty close to the realities of airport check in sequences. Long lines, bad food, and umm… machine gun nests are some of the staples of your typical airport impediments that want to get you killed.

Surprisingly, there are absolutely no TSA pat-down references.

For the unfamiliar, the “5 Minutes to Kill Yourself” series is a franchise of flash games from Adult Swim where the main goal is to inflict as much damage to your toon as possible, killing yourself within 5 minutes.

The first version was set in an office; killing yourself with paper cutters, staplers, and copying machines was way too much fun. In this second iteration, you have access to the complete safety hazards of your typical airport check-in.

I love it because it’s a quick fix to displacing stress, done in 5 minutes or less (Muting the in-game music makes it perfect for work cubicle play). If you manage to kill yourself in 5 minutes, you’re rewarded with achievements that challenge you to end your life quicker, with more variety.

If you lack the elegance and nonchalance in creatively ending your life, that’s fine. You’ll manage to pretty much get yourself killed between 4 to 5 minutes by repeatedly touching live electrical wires and puking on bad food. But you can also opt to be more creative with the variety of killing yourself by combining items (wow, it’s an RPG!) and thus getting more damage per action. I never thought that getting electrocuted by a terminal billboard only deducts 6 life. Who is this man and why is he so resilient?

Quick fix for letting out stress with a 5 minute timer
It’s hella funny
Did anyone say Achievements?
Mute option for office play
Same killer soundtrack from the previous version

Not as fun as the first “5 Minutes to Kill Yourself” episode
Killing sequences can get rather repetitive

It’s a definite bookmark on my browser. Although not as funny as the first episode, “5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Airport Edition” is still one of Adult Swim’s more noticeable and original titles, up there with Robot Unicorn Attack.

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